Monday, November 30, 2009

Claire Loves Her Feet

Claire in the past couple of weeks has found a "new toy" - her feet. When she is placed or rolls onto her back, she instantaneously grabs her feet. She does it anywhere at any time. She even does it when she is getting her diaper changed and that makes changing her a little more difficult! She is really close to getting her feet into her mouth, I know it's a matter of time!

Thanksgiving Day Pictures

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

Today is a day when you are suppose to give thanks. Today I am thankful for:
Claire, Eric, my awesome supportive family, my amazingly loving friends, my fur babies- Lucy and Penny, our health, Eric's job that allows me to stay home with my Bug, a roof over our heads and food on our table, the ability to trust and love unconditionally. There is so much more but you get the drift!

Today was Claire's first Thanksgiving! WOW, I remember last year, Eric and I were the only two who knew I was pregnant. I was dealing with horrible morning sickness while trying to stuff my newly pregnant face with all the fixings of Thanksgiving.
We start this year off at Eric's parents house for a late Thanksgiving lunch. Claire got to spend her time with her Grandma and Grandpa, Great Grandpa Ralph, Uncle Bry and Aunt Stacy, Aunt Laurie and John, Great Grandma Laura, Great Uncle George, Great Aunt Linda, and her second cousin, Drew. We had some amazing food and even better dessert! Eric and I made a dairy free lemon cake, it turned out wonderfully - super moist!

After the Widstrand Thanksgiving lunch, we went over to Claire's Papa and Nana's house for a Thanksgiving dinner. It was a small group this year but the food so delicious! Eric and I enjoyed some pie for dessert - I had pecan and Eric pumpkin. (I didn't feel to bad eating so much dessert because: 1. I had to watch what I could eat because I couldn't have anything that had dairy in it and 2. every time I breastfeed I can burn up to 500 calories!) After a yummy dinner, Claire got to spend time playing with her Uncle Kyle and Aunt Lo! She was giving them both an ear full!

All in all, Claire's first Thanksgiving was a success! We feel very blessed to have such amazing people in our lives! Now it's time to start preparing for Claire's 1st Christmas!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Spit Happens...

It has been a spit up day...I'm exhausted!
I think Claire was suffering from some gas issues today. Everytime she would sit up from a laying down position, she would spit up. I know she isn't sick because she is acting fine. She is laughing, talking, kicking, playing, peeing, pooping, no fever, sleeping and eating great. She is currently in her third shirt of the day. We are a great couple, we both smell like baby barf! Yum! I had my mom run to Walgreens to get some gas relief drops for future use. After feeding her one time this evening, she had the biggest burp ever - it came from her toes! I think that's what she need all day long!
I never knew spit up could be SO much work... Oh, the joys of motherhood!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Postpartum Hairloss = Time for a New Do!

New hair style

Old hair style

My new hair feels a hundred times healthier and stronger! I am very happy with my choice to chop it off. After I cut it off, I actually started losing less hair! Thank goodness, now I don't feel like I am going bald!!

Claire's First Zoo Trip

Last Sunday we took Claire to Brookfield Zoo for the first time. She did wonderful. It was a chilly fall day, so we bundled her up and she was warm and cozy. When we pulled into the parking lot, we woke her up to feed her. After she ate and got her diaper changed, she was ready to rock'n'roll. We got into the zoo and saw the elephants, wild dogs, zebras, buffalo, and giraffes.At one point we decided to take a picture, as we got Claire out of her stroller, we noticed that she had only one pink sock on. The other pink sock, was no where to be found. Luckily, we were able to borrow a white pair of Brayden's. We made it through the rest of the zoo with both socks on her feet. After the sock ordeal we decided to head to the rain forest. We were not able to take her stroller in, so we carried her. She loved it, she was checking out all of the lights and plants. Daddy enjoyed showing her all the monkeys both big and small. We also ventured into the water world and the swamp. At both of those house, Eric was able to see both of his favorite animals, otters and penguins. We also got her a wax figure of a penguin to put in her room. (It is a machine that makes certain wax animals, it's really cool to watch them form and when the come out they are so nice,warm, and freshly made - it has been a tradition for Eric and I since we were young. Now we pass it onto Claire.) She only napped for a half hour during the whole trip. It was a great day. We can't wait to do it again in the Spring. Another First to be checked off the list!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Claire's 4 Month Check-up

Claire had her 4 month check-up this past Friday. I learned from her 2 month check-up to make her appointments for earlier in the afternoon to bet the after school rush and so daddy would be able to go with.Her appointment was at 2pm so we gave her tylenol 40 minutes before her check-up so she was prepared for her shots.


Weight: 12lbs 6oz (birth weight: 6lbs 7oz)
Height: 23.75 inches (birth height: 20 inches)
Head: 15 inches

The doctor checked her over very carefully (as she always does - she is a very in depth doctor). She asked all kinds of questions and when she got to the milestones, Claire is able to do all of the ones she mentioned! From rolling over (belly to back), putting her legs up in the air with her feet together, head control, to being pulled to a sitting position with her head even with her body. She still has a tendency to look more to the right, so we have to work on stretching out her left neck muscles and having her turn to the left more - nothing that isn't normal and can't be fixed! I am successfully exclusively breastfeeding, so she said I can continue to do that. She said when we feel like starting rice cereal with Claire, we can. (She recommends for breastfeeding mom's anywhere between 4-6 months) We have decided to start feeding her cereal when she hits 5 months. (Just from things I've read - personal choice)
She got two shots and one oral vaccination. She did okay with the oral, only spitting out a little bit. She did make some really cute "what the hell is this" face, when she was taking it. With the shots she did 10x better this time. She only cried afterward for less then 2 minutes. I didn't cry at all this time. I was too focused on holding her arms and swinging her favorite butterfly (that has lights and music) in front of her face, trying to distract her. All in all it was a successful doctors visit. Her next appointment is 1-15-09 (6 month check-up).

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now What's Happening...

I am experiencing postpartum hair loss! It start a couple weeks back and didn't think too much of it. Lately, I was like, this is weird. I looked it up and low and behold it's a normal postpartum pregnancy symptom! I never even heard of something like this (I guess I didn't read far enough in to my "What to Expect, When Your Expecting" book.)I see it more when I am washing my hair or drying it. I talked to my friend Katreena, who had her son, Brayden a day and a half before Claire and she is having the same thing going on! I told her I feel so much better that we are both going through the same thing at the same time! It is just so annoying, I find my hair everywhere, even in Claire's poop! I feel like a dog that is shedding it's coat for Summer. I guess it's just another joy of being a mommy!

Here is some information about postpartum hair loss:

Here's what's going on. Normally, about 85 to 95 percent of the hair on your head is growing and the other 5 to 15 percent is in a resting stage. After the resting period, this hair falls out — often while you're brushing or shampooing it — and is replaced by new growth. An average woman sheds about 100 hairs a day.

During pregnancy, increased levels of estrogen prolong the growing stage. There are fewer hairs in the resting stage and fewer falling out each day, so you have thicker, more luxuriant tresses.

After you give birth, your estrogen levels take a tumble and a lot more hair follicles enter the resting stage. Soon you'll have more hair coming out in the shower or on the brush. This unusual shedding will taper off and your hair will be back to its pre-pregnancy thickness about six to 12 months after you give birth.

From -


As I was sitting here with Claire this morning, I got the worst shooting pain in my crotch! What the Hell?! Hello, Crotch - Claire is over 17 weeks old and I have been healed for the last 11 weeks! I don't think I deserve a sudden burst of pain anymore!

Here's way:

1. Claire shooting out at delivery + episiotomy = 3rd degree tear
(3rd degree tear is when you rip hole to hole)

2. Getting up from of a hospital bed was the worst thing I've ever experienced. It felt like my insides where going to fall out of me at any moment! When I got home, it was the same but it was getting off the couch was Hell and it took me a good 1-2 minutes to do.

3. I couldn't sit up straight for over a week.

4. I had to sleep on the couch because I could get into my bed for 2 weeks.

5. I couldn't drive for 2 weeks!

6. I was so swollen, I got love comments by nurses in the hospital like, "Did you have a big baby?" My answer, "NO, I had a extremely fast labor!" thanks for making me feel great nurse!

7. I had to wear a pad, ice pack, tucks all at once for awhile.

8. I had to drink mineral oil 2x a day for 3 weeks!

9. I had no bathroom control, when I had to go, I had to go!

10. I had a nurse press as hard as she could on my uterus right after delivery for a good 20 minutes! It hurt like Hell, I was trying to push her way, that's how bad it hurt!

11. I had to do sitz baths for 2 whole weeks, at least 2x a day! Which are suppose to feel good but for me, it so hard to sit that long on the toilet!

12. I couldn't bend at the waist down for a whole week! Thank goodness Eric was home to help me!

13. I never waddled during pregnancy but I sure waddled slowly after giving birth!

So please pain, don't come back! I will experience you when I give birth again! Thanks!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


As I set here typing, I still can't believe I gave birth 4 months ago. Just to think a year ago today, I was pregnant and didn't even know it! The day I found out, I was over 4 weeks pregnant but I remember thinking, "I'm due in July, July...that is SO far away!" Now July has come and gone! I am amazed how fast 4 months went. I wish I could relive the whole labor and delivery part all over again. I get so emotional every time I think about giving birth or I see pictures/hear stories of friends/family members who have babies. Sometimes I will ask Eric to tell me everything he witness from his prospective as I was in labor. All the details of that day are so clear in my mind and I hope they always will be. I love to sit and talk about the whole process, it was so special and yet so short. I have told a few people, that I hope my next labor is longer. I know, I think I'm crazy, right? Let me explain: I went in Thursday night with contractions and 5 cm dilated. 8:30 the next morning, I was 5-6 cm dilated when the doctor broke my water. I was 7 cm around 9:00am. I hit transition labor around 9:10, where I was 7-8 cm dilated. At 9:15, I felt the urge to push and the nurse check and I was at 10 (which means it's show time). At 9:39am Claire came in to the world. Everything happened SO fast that I feel like I missed all the excitement of the labor process. Next time I want to experience the excitement of the gradual intensity of contractions, the excitement when I am checked and I dilated another cm. Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful for the amazing, healthy, natural, and fast delivery that I did experience. I just get emotional but I guess that is understanding, it is an amazingly important moment, that changes your whole life in a matter of seconds. Plus, you get to see "your" baby, the one who has been kicking, hiccuping, and rolling inside of you for the past 9 months! Truthfully, I can't wait to do it again!

4 months old today!!

Claire is 4 months old today! Wow, where did these last 4 months go? It feels just like yesterday, that I was laying in the hospital bed, griping the bed rails in pain as I got through each painful contraction. Giving birth was such an amazing experience, one that I truly enjoyed every moment of!

To celebrate Miss. Claire's 4 month birthday. Katreena and Brayden, Claire and I went to the movies this afternoon. We saw "Couples Retreat". It was really cute. We sat in the last row, that way we were able to feed in peace and we didn't have to worry about showing the whole theater our boobs! The kiddos did wonderful. They stood, sat, talked, complained, and slept through the movie! It was nice to get out and do something different. We will be doing that again. It is really nice, now that Claire is able to do more and be entertained longer!

Claire goes to her 4 month well being check up Friday! I will update Friday with all of her stats!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pictures of Bug and Bean

How Bug Meet Bean

The story begins like this...

Eric and Joel (Bean's (Brayden's) dad) knew each other when they were in grade school. When Joel was in 8th grade, his dad got transferred to a different church. So after Joel left, him and Eric really didn't talk too much. A year or so ago, I found Joel on facebook and we became "friends". In May, I noticed that Joel's wife Katreena was posting weekly belly pictures about the same time I was. I mentioned it to Eric, telling him he should write Joel and just ask. Well low and behold, Katreena and I were due on the exact same day, July 22nd 2009. Katreena and I quickly became friends via facebook. We wrote on each others walls and sent message daily. It was so nice to have someone going through the last weeks of pregnancy with. We became best friends rather fast, we connect so well. There were questions and topics, I only could talk to her about and vice versa.
We both had our baby showers a week apart. As I was looking through her pictures, I noticed that we had the same car seat/stroller combo and crib. How ironic is that. We laughed about it because we also had so many personal things alike. Both our hubbies joked that we were twins separated at birth.
Katreena gave birth to Bradyen on July 8th 2009. I gave birth to Claire a day and a half later, July 10th 2009.
Brayden and Claire (Katreena and I) officially meet August 1st 2009, when the kiddos were 3 weeks old.
It is such a blessing to have such wonderful friends to walk the path of being new parents with. Brayden and Claire have become great friends and now have baby conversations together. We love to watch them change and grow! I know we will have many more years of great friendship ahead of us!

(We call Claire, Bug and they call Brayden, Brady Bean)

Things That Make Claire Smile

"Hey Dude"

"Claire Bear"


The "ABC's"

"Jesus Loves Me" song


"Hey Bug"

"I love you"


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Claire's first Halloween - 2009

We celebrated Claire's first Halloween to it's fullest. We went to the pumpkin patch with our friends. It was an adventure. It was wet and windy but we were all determined to make it out to the actually pumpkin patch. We picked out the perfect first pumpkin for Claire.
We carved it and let her get messy with the pumpkin "guts." She is all girl, she didn't mind feeling it but she sure did not want it in her hand. Halloween morning we decked her out in Halloween gear that was bought by her Nana and Great Nan. Later that afternoon, we got her all dressed up in her Ladybug costume and made the necessary stops at the grandparents houses before heading to Indiana for trick'or'treating with friends. Claire did great for her first, chilly Halloween! Momma and Daddy are still enjoying her Halloween candy!

Jumperoo time!

At 3.5 months we introduced Claire to her jumperoo. She loves it! She hit a new milestone a couple weeks earlier, where she was starting to grab at her toys. She also gets so stubborn sometimes where she only wants to stand up. These two things lead us to getting out her jumperoo. It has lights and music, so it can keep her pretty entertained for a good 10 to 20 minutes. Her eyes light up every time she is put in it. Although she is still too short for it, we use a pillow to allow her legs to rest on something. We both think she is going to be a pretty active child. She loves to move and change positions regularly.

3 month pictures

3 months old

Claire has began to smile a lot. She looks at us and smiles like crazy. She is also a talker. She loves to talk to everyone, especially her butterfly on her play mat. We now can have whole conversations together. It is great to hear her little voice. It makes me smile when she gets passionate about what she is saying. At 3 months she weighed in at 11lbs 1oz and was 23.5 inches long. She is doing great. She sleeps from 11pm - 6am, eats, sleeps from 6:30am - 9:30am every morning. She is still EBF and is doing great. We did find out she has a sensitivity to cow's milk. So I have to eliminate all dairy from my diet, which was difficult at first but has became easier over the last couple of weeks. We did take her to a GI specialist just to make sure everything was okay and he said she is healthy and she will out grow the sensitivity by 12 months of so. She is holding her head up great and has rolled over a couple of times. She also loves to stand up, she has great leg and stomach muscles.

2 months old

The first two months have been a pure joy. Claire started sleeping 6 hours in a row around 6 weeks. She is eating like a champ and still is EBF. At her two months appointment she weighs 10 lbs and is 22 inches long. She is in the 30% for height and 20-25% for weight. She is our petite little girl. She loves to play with her glow worm and enjoys her play mat thoroughly.

4 days old

At 4 days old, Claire went to her first doctors appointment. She gained 4 oz and was now up to 6lbs 4 oz. Her partial jaundice was cleared up and the doctor said she was very happy and healthy baby.

My Birth Story

Claire Constance was born July 10th 2009 (38 weeks and 2 days) @ 9:39am, weighing 6lbs 7oz and measuring 20 inches long!

Eyes: Dark Blue/Hazel
Hair: Dark Brown

Community Hospital - Munster, IN
Delivery Room - 8
Postpartum Room - 187

Here is my story:

I had my 38 week doctors appointment on Thursday July 9th 2009. As we were driving to the doctors office, Eric and I were guessing how far dilated I would be. At 37 weeks, I was 2-3 cm dilated. I was hoping for a good 3, Eric thought 4. Well, I was already 5cm dilated, my blood pressure was slightly high so my doctor decided it was time to induce me on Saturday July 11th. At that appointment I also found out I was GBS positive. Luckily, I didn't have to much time to look into it too much and worry my self into another anxiety attack. When we got done at the doctors office and were on our way home some irregular contractions began. I did think too much off them, seeing that I had them after my doctor checked me the previous week. We decided to stop at a local Mexican take-out restaurant for dinner. While we were waiting for our food, I started to feel the contractions a little more often. We got home, had dinner and started to realize the contractions were still there. Although not too strong but some what close together. I decided to have Eric start writing them down around 8pm. They were ranging anywhere from 10 to 2 minutes apart. I knew this might be the night we had been waiting for, for months so I decided to indulge myself with a big, huge, and very yummy ice cream sundae! One last pregnancy craving. We continued to note the contractions until around 10pm, when we realized I had been having them on and off for a good two hours. We decided it was time to call the doctor.  While my husband was on the phone with the on-call doctor, I had to use the bathroom and to my surprise when I wiped, I had some bloody show. I yelled to Eric what I was experiencing, and before he could talk to the actually on-call doctor, the operator said, "head to labor and delivery!"

As soon as Eric said, "it's go time!" I got a second wind. I grabbed my hospital bag, the video camera, the digital camera, said good bye to our pups all within minutes. I was so nervous but yet, so very excited! The time had come - off we went to the hospital!

I got admitted into the hospital Thursday evening around 10:45pm. The nurse came in once, I was hooked up to all the machines and gave us our options. She said, "the doctor could come in tonight and break my water or we could wait until tomorrow morning to get this show on the road." We decided to wait until the next morning to start the labor process since everyone had worked all day and it was getting so late! I was so excited needless to say, I didn't sleep at all that night!

Our families arrived around 7am Friday July 10th. The moment they arrived I expressed how hungry I was. I was joking that I was having my "captain crunch cereal" (it was ice cubes of course)! The doctor arrived around 8:30am, checked me and said I was 5 to 6 cm dilated, he broke my water(which was clear!) The nurse said to let her know when I wanted to get my epidural and she would go ahead and order it. She did say not to wait too long because I would have to go through a bag and half of IV fluids before I could get the epidural. The contractions began within 5 minutes of the doctor breaking my water. The contractions were not too uncomfortable but I could tell they were different. Around 9am I asked for my epidural. I told the nurse I felt like I had to pee and being the first time mom, I wanted her to check me to make sure it wasn't the baby. I didn't want to get up to use the bathroom and have my baby fall out of me. She said, "that's not usually what you feel when you are having your baby but I'll check you!"  I was a good 6 cm.

I got up, used the bathroom and immediately after the last drop of pee came out, my contractions got A LOT stronger. I made it back to my bed and asked if everyone could rub some part of me, to take my mind of the pain. I had everyone rubbing me down for a good 5 minutes or so while I was asking "where is my epidural?!" All of a sudden my contractions become unbearable, I wanted no one to touch me! I immediately said, "STOP touching me!" The nurse asked my pain level and I said, "freakin 10"!! I told her I felt a lot of pressure down there. She checked me and I was 7 to 8 cm dilated! A minute later I felt the need to push! I told everyone, I felt like I was pushing. My nurse told me, that I was not ready to push so don't push! I was experiencing  transition labor... I was freaking out and didn't know what to do. One second I felt like I had to puke, the next I wanted to cry.  I asked Eric to be forehead to forehead with me and help me breathe through the contractions so I wouldn't push! This is were Lamaze class came in handy. The breathing was helping until I felt a huge gush of air! All at once, I felt unbelievable pressure!  I yelled, "I'm pushing!!" The nurse checked me and I was fully dilated! It was time to push!

The nurse asked me if I still wanted the epidural but she reminded me that I would have to sit up during it or she said,  "we could just have this baby?!" I knew I wasn't able to wait! I was already actively pushing! I said, "let's have this baby!"  Our dad's were asked to leave, Eric was made to put on his scrubs along with our moms. My husband was rushing and feeling really nervous so he proceeded to put one of the booties on his head, thinking it was the cap! I didn't really think it was funny at the time, I was really concentrating on having this baby. The nurse was telling me to go ahead and push! I was pushing, which truthfully felt so natural and good! (the pushing didn't really hurt at all, it was the most natural feeling. The contractions hurt way more then the actually delivery...I know, it was hard for me to believe too!) My husband kept saying, "stuffs happening, keep doing what your doing!" I was so hot, our moms were fanning me and I was able to enjoy the air in between contractions and pushing! The doctor finally arrived, I was continuing the pushing process. My doctor opted to give me an episotomy. As soon as he cut me her head came out! I yelled a relief scream and then with another push and another relief scream, her whole little body was out! So one hour and nine minutes after my water was broken Claire Constance was born!!

It was truly an amazing experience. One I will never forget!

9 months of Pregnancy

November - Month 1:(3-6 weeks) It was a pretty exciting month. We found out we were pregnant and kept it our little secret for the first couple of weeks. Thanksgiving was wonderful knowing I had a little one growing within. Around 5 weeks, I started to spot. I went to the doctor and he checked me my cervix, which was closed tightly, thank goodness. I only spotted pink for two days and by the third day it was completely done. I found out that my beta levels were doubling nicely. Around 5 weeks 5 days the morning sickness kicked in full force, which was good news for the doctor and I. Morning sickness = healthy pregnancy.

December - Month 2: (7-11 weeks) At 7 weeks, we got our first look at our baby. The ultra sound was so amazing, we got to see our little babies flickering heart beating. She looked amazing, it was a very special moment for DH and I. That night we told our parents our exciting news. They were over joyed for the impending arrival. 9 weeks came and we got to hear our babies heart beat for the very first time. It was strong and sounded perfect. Morning sickness was still in full force and giving me a run for my money. At 12 weeks we told the rest of our families. They were all so excited to become aunts and uncles to our little one.

January - Month 3:(12-15 weeks) I still continued to have morning sickness and vomiting well into my 2nd trimester. My belly was growing and I thought I was feeling the first movements of my little baby.

February - Month 4:(16-19 weeks) Was very exciting, my morning sickness was still hanging around but was bearable now and I was indeed feeling our baby move within. The movements began around 16 weeks. At 18 weeks DH was able to feel his child's movements. At 18 weeks we got to see our little baby once again on a ultrasound. She was a healthy little one, who was moving around like crazy. On that day we also learned that we were having a little girl. We were having ourselves a Claire Constance. It was amazing to know our little one by name, I felt even closer to her at that very moment.

March - Month 5:(20-23 weeks) My belly was getting bigger and I finally started to look pregnant and not just "chunky". I could really feel our little girl moving around at all different times of the day. It was such an amazing feeling, one that can't be explained to anyone. At 20 weeks the braxton hicks contractions began (and the continued throughout the next 18 weeks.) 22 weeks 3 days was the moment I got to see Claire's movement from the outside. She was kicking so hard, I told DH that I beat we could see it. Low and behold we could. Another emotional moment that we got to experience together!

April - Month 6:(24-28 weeks) At the beginning of the month, I hit 24 weeks. It felt so good to hit that important week. At 24 weeks a baby has a chance of surviving outside of the womb. It was milestone I was waiting for and I was happy to be there. At 26 weeks, we registered for our shower. It was so much funny picking out all the cute little baby stuff, knowing that in less than 14 weeks there would be a little girl to use it on.

May - Month 7:(29-32 weeks) Was a great month. I was feeling good and knowing that I was so close to meeting my little Claire. I also knew that if she had to make her arrival early, she would have a very good chance of surviving. This month we also prepared for our baby shower.

June - Month 8:(33-36 weeks) At 33 weeks we had our baby shower. It was a great day full of good food and great friends and family. We got everything we need, plus some. We were now almost prepared for Claire's arrival. At 34 weeks we got a 4-D ultrasound done. It was an amazing experience to see Claire so big, we got to experience with our parents and DH's sister. Claire changed so much since we saw her at 18 weeks. She was already in the head down, birthing position. The tech said she was definitely a girl and a very healthy one at that.

July - Month 9:(37-40 weeks) At 37 weeks I was so excited. Claire could come at anytime and be considered full term. It was crazy to think that 9 months had came and went so quickly. My journey was coming to an end. At my weekly doctor appointment, I found out I had lost weight and was already 2-3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. 4th of July was pretty exciting, not sure when Claire was going to arrive. We threw our annual party full of family and friends. It was a rainy day but rain cleared out just in time for the town's fireworks. Claire kicked the entire time. Little did I know she would be born in less then a week. 38 weeks came, I was so excited but nervous, knowing that I would be giving birth in the very near future. At my doctors appointment, my blood pressure was a little high (no protein in my urine) and I was 4-5 cm dilated and almost 70% effaced. The doctor decided to set a date to induce me for the following Saturday. The induction date never happened. That night at 38 weeks 1 day we headed for the hospital!

November 14th 2008

This is the day the story begins but first we most go back a few months...

DH and I were not preventing the conception of our first child. We had the motto, "if it happens, it happens." My periods have always been a little weird, coming and going as they please. We knew that could make it a little on the difficult side for conceiving a child. We never gave up hope or trying. We didn't make the conceiving process a job, we took it one day at a time and had fun trying.

November 10th 2008 started out a little different then most days. On this day I was attending a field trip with my mom's preschool class to a local dairy farm. I woke up, jumped in the shower and almost immediately I was in pain. As soon as the water from the shower hit my nipples, I said, "WTF." I was confused about what was happening to my body. I never felt anything like that. I finished up my shower, grabbed my towel, and again was shocked by the pain my nipples felt when the towel grazed them. I thought of the situation as weird and not normal but didn't think too much of it. I truthfully just thought my period, which was due that Wednesday, was going to be a big, miserable one that month. ( I had spotted the previous Friday and Saturday and when that happens, I can just assume my period will be a "good" one.)
As the week continued, my nipples stayed sore, my breast began to hurt when I was running on the treadmill, and the sides of my breast, under my arm pits become sore also. I knew I never experienced anything like this but still was in denial that I was pregnant. I told myself that I would wait until Friday to take a test. I wanted to be extra sure my period wasn't just going to show up late. Wednesday came and went and still no AF.

Friday, November 14th 2008 came. I woke up and told myself, "You are NOT pregnant, it's in your head. Don't get your hopes up. You know you will see only one line today." I also said that I was not going to look at the test after I peed on it. I got up out of bed, with the utter most confidence, that I was not pregnant. I grabbed the one and only test I had in the house and walked to the bath room. I unwrapped it, while in my head I was tell myself - don't get excited because you will just get hurt. I peed on it and as I was about to put the test on the sink, I glanced at the test (which I wasn't suppose to do) as soon as I looked at the test (which was seconds after peeing on it) I saw the first line appear and it was SO dark. I stopped putting the test down and stuck it right in front of my face. All of a sudden the second line appeared. I sat there on the toilet for a good minute with my hand over my mouth in amazement. The positive line was darker then the test line. I realized what the test was saying and I started jumping around and screaming, "Pregnant, I'm pregnant!" The only two people in the house were my two wiener dogs. I pretty sure they thought I was playing, seeing as the began to jump around with me. All of a sudden I stopped in mid jump and said to myself, "I only have this one test, what if it's wrong!"
I jumped in my car on that rainy, cold November morning and drove to the store. As I was walking towards the appropriate aisle, I realized I was in random pj's, that did not match! As I smiled at myself for what I had on, I made it to the correct aisle. I stood there for a good 5 minutes, looking up and down at all the different types and brands of test. You would think at this point, it wouldn't matter but some how it did. I grabbed a box of the Clear Blue Easy Digital test and headed to the checkout. I felt proud to be seen paying for the tests because I knew what was most likely brewing within.
I got home, drank a huge glass of o.j. and proceeded to the bathroom. I peed on the test but these test results don't show immediately but take a whole three minutes. When the little hour glass stop, the word "pregnant" was there. That little word brought me to the realization that I was pregnant!
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