Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's been awhile...

Life with a now three year old is hectic. I stepped away from blogging for awhile in order to focus on myself and my family. My last entry was on my 27th birthday, more than six months ago. It's hard to believe how fast those six months have gone by. A lot has changed, let me update:

The most exciting news to share, is Claire is about to become a big sister!! I thank God everyday with blessing us with another healthy baby. I am due with our second miracle on Oct. 8th. I will most likely be induced a couple weeks early, in hopes to reduce the risk of me tearing as bad or worse then with Claire. So next month we will be welcoming our second daughter into our family! That's right, it's a girl and we are so so happy! I'm totally a girl momma and can't wait to get my hands on this little one! We have a name picked out but our keeping it off the Internet until her arrival. Claire still believes we should call her Hoagarth from the Iron Gaint movie or Arthur. She can wish right! Ha!

Claire turned three in July! Three, can you believe it?! It's been three of the best years of my entire life and I owe 99% of that happiness to Claire Constance! She is so full of life, with energy to spare!
I swear she never, ever runs low on energy. It's like she has roll over energy minutes and she has billions! Her vocabulary is amazing and her love of learning makes my heart smile. She will be starting pre-school on Sept. 4th. She is super excited, just has I am for her. She is so ready to get into a class room. I know the social along with the learning aspect will benefit her a lot. She had her evaluation last week and she did wonderful. They evaluate her to see what she knows now, before starting school and then around Christmas and once more right before school is out! I can't wait to see how she grows.
She is excited for her baby sister to get her. She always wants to see my belly and she loves to get it moving. She talks to her sister and even gives her kisses every day. For awhile now she's been showing me her baby. Just recently shes told me, that she has two twins. One on each side of her belly. As she lays on the couch or bed, she lifts up her shirt and tells me to watch, Her baby is moving!
Recently we have moved her to her "big girl" twin bed. She loves it. Her favorite part is that she has a sheet, just like mommy and daddy. She also proudly tells everyone that she is too big for her crib and that's where her sister will "fit".

Eric got an amazing job offer in May. The position is exactly what he loves doing and does extremely well with way better benefits, a huge increase in salary and a closer commute. You can tell he is happy with his decision, he loves talking about all the meetings he runs and about his job. I proudly listening, understanding just a small portion of what he is saying! I love to see him happy!
He is an amazing provider for our family, allowing me to be a stay at home mom. I'm so proud of everything he's accomplished and where he is in his career at only 29 years old! The future is so bright for him and I can't wait to see where this job takes him (us).

Life right now is great. I thank God for everything he as allowed me to be a part of. I feel so blessed. I don't plan on returning to blogging full time but hope to update you more often!! Although I don't comment often, I read and still follow all of the blogs I love do much!!

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