Thursday, September 27, 2012

She's Here!

Annie Camille arrived September 20th 2012 at 12:20am. Weighing in at 6lbs 14oz (bigger then her big sister born at 38 weeks 2 days) and is 20 inches long! She was a little bit of a surprise but more then welcomed with open arms! I never expected to go to my 37 week appointment and find out I was 4cm dilated and 60% effaced. Just three hours later, I was antsy and feeling more pressure with each contractions so we headed in! When we arrived things moved so quickly. Eric and I both thought, we would at least stay the night and then be sent home in the morning, that didn't happen. When I got there and into my awesome blue/green hospital gown the nurse checked me and said she thought I was closer to being 5cm dilated. She called my doctor who arrived rather quickly seeing has he knows if my water breaks, I have babies very fast. He got there, checked me and said, "oh yes, there is a definitely a change from the appointment, I'll break your water." That was at 10:30pm. Eric and I were in shock. It was really happening. We both said, "ready or not, here she comes!" we called our parents and my mom and Eric's parents arrived rather quickly knowing that my water was already broken and we were in active labor. The contractions were doable at first with me trying to ignore them and just keep my mind off of them the best I could. Some where pretty painful where I would fist pump and make some random noise. After about an hour, I said I was feeling a little pressure and wanted to be checked. The doctor came in around 11:45 and told me I was 8cm dilated. At that point, I decided I could do this again, all natural. I was so close. The contractions were getting closer together. Some were way stronger then others and some were short and faster. Those I could stand. The ones that made me shake the bed the most were the ones with "multiple peaks". They were go up, then down just a little and then shot up even harder and faster. Eric was a great support and I kept asking him if it was going down. As soon as he said, "yes" it felt like I could relax, knowing some relief was in my near future. One of my best friends, Katreena arrived right around that time. She helped me get though each painful contractions. I apologized as I felt the contraction start to all my guest, saying ignore me and don't mind what I'm about to to. At around 12:00-12:10, I had a pretty bad contraction with a lot of pressure. So I told Eric, I feel like pushing. He got the nurse and the doctor. I was not dilated fully yet, that was the worst thing ever. Knowing I could push but felt like I wanted to, real bad! Once that long, painful contraction was over, the urge to push subsided. I still was so uncomfortable, slightly nauseas and nervous for what was about to come. For the next 5 minutes, I kept telling Eric how much it hurt and he smiled at me and said in the nicest, sweetest voice, "I know, you are doing amazing and you are almost done. She's almost here." He is truly my strength when I'm in pain. After that painful 5 minutes, I had the biggest contractions of the night. It was painful, fast and long. During the contractions I looked at my nurse and said, "I am really pushing, it's coming. My body is pushing, it's happening!" She checked me quickly and said, "okay, don't push." My doctor came in seconds later, checked me and said the best words ever, "break her down!" The feeling of her head right there was painful but at last the contractions went away. My nurse was so nice. When I exclaimed how bad it hurt, she looked at me and said, "I know, now let's push through it." With Eric and the nurse holding my legs back, my cheer team (our moms) at the end of the bed and my cheer "hallway" team, Katreena and Eric's dad and amazing doctor who was stretching me and coaching me along, her head was out in minutes. With a small gush of fluid when he head was out was the best feeling. I could hear, "she has so much hair!" Seconds later her body was out with a huge, ballon breaking gush of more fluid. I looked down and saw has the doctor pulled her out and flipped her over, I immediately saw "girl parts" and was happy she was a she. She cried almost instantly. Eric said. "her eyes are open!" I was relived. My second babe was here, happy and healthy. I had a much easier and a little longer (by 11 minutes) labor. So two hours and many contractions later Annie Camille enter the world. In a good baby way, peeing as she was being cleaned up! The last week has been full of second time, new mom worries and feelings. I am feeling like a million bucks, a second degree tear is a thousand times better then a third!

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