Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

That's a face of determination!

Friday, July 22, 2011

She Speaks Like Me

Claire's always had an amazing vocab in my opinion but boy oh boy, it's like I'm speaking to a 3 or 4 year old. Her sentences are strong and comprehensive, it's like she actually knows what she's talking about. The wheels are always turning!
Tonight at dinner she started singing," Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday Claire Constance!" This was the first time she's ever said Claire Constance. I asked her, who is Claire Constance and she answered, "me". It was the cutest thing! She has so many cute "lines". I could listen to her talk all the time with a big smile on  my face!

Some of my favorite "lines":

No! Daddy(or anyone else) No!
I excited!
Mommy(or whoever else she wants to help her) do it.
Over there/In there
More milk please!
Oh Papa(or whoever else is being funny)!
Thank you mommy!
Excuse me.
Pool time!
Oh, baby cryin'
You cryin'?
Aw, man!
Oh Boy!

My favorite songs she sings are:

Elmo Song (the la la la part is super cute)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (she's got most of this one down and it's so cute sounding!)
Happy Birthday (this one she changes who she is singing "happy birthday" too)

To Rent of Not To Rent

That is the question...
It's a trick, unknown and mystery question that Eric and I have been finding asking each other about over the last couple of weeks. We are still in limbo on where exactly we want to move too. We have a hand full of towns we like but know very little about so our thought (and our realtors thought) is to rent for a year in a given area and if we hate it, we move on and if we love it, we stay. The only way we will rent is if we save a lot of money so we are able to bank some for our savings account. I'm planning on getting a part time job so my resume doesn't go empty for years on end and so we have a little extra money. My pay check would go for a down payment on a house. We have mixed feelings and emotions. It's a big decision, one we will be making soon. No matter what rent, rent to own or own we will make it our home. Plus it will be bigger then our starter home and that's what counts! We want more space, maybe more space in a new area. I don't know what we will find or choose but in the end, it's going to be very soon! Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy Hotness

Holy Moly Batman, summer is in full force! Today my car read 101 degrees, the news reported the hit index got to 110 degrees. The next couple of days will be the same or even hotter, craziness but it's summer and we live in the Chicagloland area where any kind of summer can occur. Claire and I are relaxing in doors, working on the potty training (which is still going fantastic), playing word games, coloring and watching her two (for now) favorite movies: Sherk and Cars. We already made two stops over to my parents for a nice refreshing dip in their pool. I think the pool will be seeing us a lot over these next couple of days! You know it's hot, when you get out of the pool and you don't feel cool or refreshed at all. I think I instantly started to sweat but hey, it's summer!
I think we all should soak up the hotness and try to enjoy the weather as much as possible, humidity and all because in a few short months the temps will start to drop and winter will be rearing it's head!
Claire LOVES papa and nana's pool!

We will be doing this a lot over the next couple of days!

Wordless Wednesday

Enjoying lunch on her new picnic table!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Claire's 2nd Birthday

Claire's birthday (and party) have come and gone and I still to this day can not believe she is two. Her birthday party was on her same day as her birthday, Sunday July 10th. We had the party at my parent's house again. Thank goodness we did, it was a true Chicago summer, 95 hot and humid! My parent's pool was the hit of the party. I think at one point there was close to 40 people in it. Besides the pool we had a small kids jumpy house, bubbles and a ton of toys for kids to play with. I made my sloppy joe, Eric grilled hot dogs and Eric's dad made his famous baked chicken. We also had a ton of sides and some amazing desserts. The food was a huge hit! The guest numbers totaled at right around 60 people! We have a lot of friends and family that love our little girl. It was an amazingly fun and memorable day, it couldn't have been better!

Here are some pictures of Claire's 2nd Birthday Party:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Claire's checking out the Avon deals with her Great Aunt Didi

Friday, July 8, 2011

Planning the Party

Claire's 2nd birthday is creeping around the corner. I'm still in disbelief that it's this Sunday. I remember this time last year, my good friend just gave birth to her little boy (Happy Birthday Bean). I was so overly jealous of her having her baby but I knew when Claire was ready, it would be my turn too. Now here I sit, two years from that day going crazy trying to make sure I have everything perfect for Claire's big 2nd birthday party. We are doing a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party so of course i had to make almost all of her decoration because everything at the local party stores are all the girl clubhouse characters! I truly don't mind, I enjoy being crafty and I love the fact that I made all the decorations myself. I really put my heart into her party! We are expecting a lot of family and friends atmy parent's house. They have a great yard, a refreshing pool, we got a kid jumpy house all in all, I think it will be a fun, memorable day for us. I'm just trying to tie all the final touches together, like making sure we will have enough food and desserts for everyone. I'm the type of hostess where I want there to be left overs vs. not enough food so right now, that's my biggest worry! I'm much more relaxed this year, then last. I'm just enjoying the moment and trying to make it a fun day for Claire!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Working Out and Feeling Good

I've been actually working out over the last couple of weeks every day, yes EVERY DAY. Claire's a great napper, at least 2 hours so I use up some of the time with a quick workout. I'm not an intense workout kind of girl but I enjoy a casual cardio or kickboxing set. Eric's parents have On-Demand through Comcast and they actually have a great exercise TV On-Demand channel. They have everything from: yoga, cardio, kickboxing, 10 minute work outs (which I love), etc...I love that I can chose something different every day and still get a nice little work out in. I'm one that gets bored very easy with repetition so this cures that. Plus it's nice you don't have to fumble with the DVD and fast-forwarding. I actually really like Denise Austen. She's great. Although a little hard to handle with her voice, Eric loves to make fun of her but I always answer with, "at least she makes us sweat"! I feel like I still have a work to do but I'm very picky with my body (basically I have bad body image) but I don't want to get too ripped or lose weight because hopefully soon we will be trying for baby #2 and I know being to skinny is not good for that. I just want to be healthy and somewhat in shape!
I highly recommend checking out your On-Demand, exercise TV! If you have 10 minutes, they have a workout for you!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Eric and I at our good friends wedding a couple weeks ago! It was fun walking down the aisle with him again!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Words

No words can explain how I feel about the Casey Anthony verdict. I mean I understand everything, it makes sense but it doesn't seem right how a little 2 year old girl is dead with no one to blame. It's sad. I wish their was more evidence, not necessarily to find Casey guilt but someone. Someone needs to be responsible for her death or at least hiding her death. I know Casey (or who ever did it) has to face the greatest judge of all...God. Someone is living with some deep guilt, how could they be. Do they not feel, are they sleeping fine? I don't get it but I just don't get our world sometime. No matter what I hope Caylee is resting peaceful in heaven! RIP Caylee Anthony!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Part 2 - Family Vacation 2011

Enjoying a little lunch on La Jolla Beach.

Watermelon Time!

Playing in the water with daddy!

Sandcastle time!

Spinning time!

Love my baby girl!

22 months at the beach!

Somersault at the beach!
Enjoying lunch in Julian, CA

Homemade phosphates are delicious!

Claire's turn, she said, "hot hot" because of the bubbles!

Mmm...cherry, vanilla!

Mom's Pie Shop - Travel Channels top pie shop in America!

Add caption

On our way into Mom's!

Enjoying some amazing pie!

Claire's turn!

My turn - Apple, raspberry! Yum!
Hiking in Blue Sky!

Enjoying our day out!

We had an amazing trip into the mountains of Julian, CA. It is such a cutie little town with some amazing pie! Lunch on the beach is something I will remember forever! Just us three, having so much fun. Sometimes it's the simplest things that go on to be remembered! Then our hike, it was a beautiful day out. The sky was clear and the sun was warm. It wouldn't be a California vacation without hiking in the mountains! Part 3, coming up next!

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