Sunday, July 3, 2011

Part 2 - Family Vacation 2011

Enjoying a little lunch on La Jolla Beach.

Watermelon Time!

Playing in the water with daddy!

Sandcastle time!

Spinning time!

Love my baby girl!

22 months at the beach!

Somersault at the beach!
Enjoying lunch in Julian, CA

Homemade phosphates are delicious!

Claire's turn, she said, "hot hot" because of the bubbles!

Mmm...cherry, vanilla!

Mom's Pie Shop - Travel Channels top pie shop in America!

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On our way into Mom's!

Enjoying some amazing pie!

Claire's turn!

My turn - Apple, raspberry! Yum!
Hiking in Blue Sky!

Enjoying our day out!

We had an amazing trip into the mountains of Julian, CA. It is such a cutie little town with some amazing pie! Lunch on the beach is something I will remember forever! Just us three, having so much fun. Sometimes it's the simplest things that go on to be remembered! Then our hike, it was a beautiful day out. The sky was clear and the sun was warm. It wouldn't be a California vacation without hiking in the mountains! Part 3, coming up next!

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