Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Back In The Swing

From still making our new house a home and working part-time, life has gotten crazy. A good crazy though. As I close my 1st week back at a part-time job, I feel good about myself. I realize that just working a couple hours a week can really change the family dynamic and help out in a big way. Claire is doing great, she naps for 2 out of the 3 hours so really, she does not miss me. This week she's at my mom's and starting next week she will get to be with both her Nana and Grandma.
The house is coming together slowly. It's a lot harder then I thought it would have been but we had a ton of stuff. Most of the rooms are very close to being completely finished. We might have to hang a few things here and there, get a hook and shelf for this room and that but for the most part it's live-able! We are enjoying our new area SO much. We made a great choice and are very happy!

TGIF to everyone. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get Back Into The Groove

Moving sucks. Plain and simple. I feel like it's taking FOREVER to get through all the millions of boxes and totes. It's so annoying but it's nice to be in our own place, with our own space. That makes me smile and I feel so much more relaxed. It's so true that once you move out and are on your own, it's nearly impossible to live back with someone. It was tough.
Now, here we are. Unpacking, organizing and living up our new community (clubhouse) and all. Through all the stress and head ache of moving, I'm enjoying making our temporary home, ours!

Happy Tuesday

Friday, August 12, 2011

We Found A Place...for now.

Well we took the plunge into renting. We decided to rent in Northwest Indiana for a year to see if Eric likes his added commute time. He's hoping that he can start just going to the job site for most of the week, which is in Chicago. By doing that, it will cut down on gas a lot. 

We found a cute town-home in Indiana that is only 4 years old. We love it. It is bigger then our previous place by a little over 600sqft. The only way I agreed to a rental was if we were able to save money while living there. With this place, we are! It's great. Through figuring out all the bills, loans, food, gas etc... we will even have money left over for "fun" or savings! Plus with me working, my paycheck can go strictly for saving for a down payment. In a year or so, whenever we are ready to be home owners again we will have money saved up! 

I really hope we love Northwest Indiana. It's close to our families but further from Eric's work so we will be evaluating the situation the whole year. I want Eric to be happy with his drive but I want our family of three to also be happy, comfortable and feel confident in where we decided to buy.  I hoping this will work out, I have faith that it will and then next year we will be looking for our final  home!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Silly Girl

Using her Mr. Potato Head's tongue as her own! I love my silly baby girl!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back I Go

I got myself a job so back to work I go! It's probably the best opportunity for our family to make a little extra cash and start saving for a nice down payment without living with my in-laws (it's been a long 3 1/2 months).
Our church was looking for an "after school director" I applied and got the position! The best part, the hours are fantastic: 3-6pm! For two of those three hours is when Claire usually naps so I really won't be missing much! The other best part, if need be I can bring Claire with me to work! I found that out today and I'm so excited about it. The lady I'm working with as two kids and no family to watch them so they agreed to let her bring them with! I don't think I would want Claire there every day because of the whole nap thing. I'm not ready for her to give up her naps or be made too but if my mom or mother-in-law can only watch her for a hour, that's fine. They can drop her off at the school and she can play with all the kids and Claire loves kids!
I was a little sad thinking about leaving Claire for those few hours (yes, even if she's napping) but I know that it's best. We will be able to do more, save and plan for a better future! Now, I'm not sad one bit because if I feel like it she can be at work with me and truthfully I like knowing that, that is possible without getting in trouble! Thanking God for such a perfect opportunity!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Clean Mud Fun

I've been trying to do a lot of sensory activities with Claire during the summer! They are usually easy, fun and sometimes messy projects we can do inside during our very hot and humid Chicago days!

One activity I've done recently with Bug is "Clean Mud". It's super easy and a lot of fun for kids of all ages and their parents!

Items you need:
1 t-p roll (or more depending on how many kids you are making for)
1 bar of soap
warm water

Start with ripping up the t-p in a large bowl, then you grab the grater and start grating the soap into the large bowl. Add warm water slowly. Mix all the items together until you get a creamy like paste. Add more warm water as needed!

Once Claire played with it, I put the rest in a reusable container so she can play with it again! She LOVED it!

Helping with the ripping of the t-p!
Enjoying the finished product!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Claire's 24 Month Check-Up

 *Claire's 24 month check-up*

Claire had her 24 month check-up and everything went very well!

She was weighed like a big girl and had to stand on the scale all by herself. She's a whopping 25lbs 2oz.
She was also measured like a big girl too! She didn't like it too much when the height thing pressed on her head, we had to get her to stand straight a few times but in the end she's 33 1/2inches tall!
She's in the 25% in both height and weight! We love our peanut!
She was such a big girl she got her blood pressure taken!
The doctor was impressed by everything she can do. From talking in sentences, sing songs, jumping, running, somersaults, standing on one foot, walking backwards, spinning in circles, knowing most of her colors and shapes. The doctor loved that she's interested in her ABC's and spelling. She said she comprehends a lot- I answered with yes, a little too good sometimes!
The doctor checked her from her head to her toes and everything was pretty good! She got one shot - Hepatitis A. I warned her it was going to happen. I said, "one boo boo and then you get a sticker and a sucker!" She did great. She didn't even cry, just a quick pucker and she then immediately asked for her sticker!
The next time we see the doctor will be when Claire is 3! ::knock on wood:: we don't have to see her before then, Claire's been a pretty healthy kid so far. We will be getting her flu shot in the fall but for that we only see the nurse or "lady" as Claire calls her!

My big girl waiting for the doctor to come in!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Claire and Mommy waiting for the doctor at her 24 month check-up!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Time

Summers in Chicago are so much fun. They can be jammed packed full of fun activities or they can be very relaxing. This summer we have tried to "hit" a new local fest every other weekend. It's so much fun, from Greek fest to Piergoi fest to local county fairs. Claire enjoys the rides and I love the family/friend time, plus we get to try new (and amazing) foods!
We try to take a family walk every night (as long as the humidity isn't too high) and we try to get to a park every couple of days as a family also. Thank goodness for my parents pool, that sucker has been a life saver this hot summer. We are over there a lot! No matter how warm or cold the water is, Claire can swim forever! She's my little fish! 
Yes, this summer as been very hot a hot we haven't felt in a few years but I'm enjoying it! Claire will only be two once and I'm truly enjoying every moment of it (for the most part- minus the lovely tantrums!)
Here are some pictures from our summer:

My little monkey!

Swing time!

Best Buds!

Claire loves being outside!

Daddy and Bug at Starved Rock.

We love a good family hike!

And pool time, no summer would be complete without pool time!

Hope you all are having an amazing summer too!!

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