Friday, August 12, 2011

We Found A Place...for now.

Well we took the plunge into renting. We decided to rent in Northwest Indiana for a year to see if Eric likes his added commute time. He's hoping that he can start just going to the job site for most of the week, which is in Chicago. By doing that, it will cut down on gas a lot. 

We found a cute town-home in Indiana that is only 4 years old. We love it. It is bigger then our previous place by a little over 600sqft. The only way I agreed to a rental was if we were able to save money while living there. With this place, we are! It's great. Through figuring out all the bills, loans, food, gas etc... we will even have money left over for "fun" or savings! Plus with me working, my paycheck can go strictly for saving for a down payment. In a year or so, whenever we are ready to be home owners again we will have money saved up! 

I really hope we love Northwest Indiana. It's close to our families but further from Eric's work so we will be evaluating the situation the whole year. I want Eric to be happy with his drive but I want our family of three to also be happy, comfortable and feel confident in where we decided to buy.  I hoping this will work out, I have faith that it will and then next year we will be looking for our final  home!

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