Thursday, August 4, 2011

Claire's 24 Month Check-Up

 *Claire's 24 month check-up*

Claire had her 24 month check-up and everything went very well!

She was weighed like a big girl and had to stand on the scale all by herself. She's a whopping 25lbs 2oz.
She was also measured like a big girl too! She didn't like it too much when the height thing pressed on her head, we had to get her to stand straight a few times but in the end she's 33 1/2inches tall!
She's in the 25% in both height and weight! We love our peanut!
She was such a big girl she got her blood pressure taken!
The doctor was impressed by everything she can do. From talking in sentences, sing songs, jumping, running, somersaults, standing on one foot, walking backwards, spinning in circles, knowing most of her colors and shapes. The doctor loved that she's interested in her ABC's and spelling. She said she comprehends a lot- I answered with yes, a little too good sometimes!
The doctor checked her from her head to her toes and everything was pretty good! She got one shot - Hepatitis A. I warned her it was going to happen. I said, "one boo boo and then you get a sticker and a sucker!" She did great. She didn't even cry, just a quick pucker and she then immediately asked for her sticker!
The next time we see the doctor will be when Claire is 3! ::knock on wood:: we don't have to see her before then, Claire's been a pretty healthy kid so far. We will be getting her flu shot in the fall but for that we only see the nurse or "lady" as Claire calls her!

My big girl waiting for the doctor to come in!

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  1. So glad everything went well!! I love how you put "whopping" in there. My child is probably 67 lbs heavier than her! haha. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!


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