Friday, July 15, 2011

Claire's 2nd Birthday

Claire's birthday (and party) have come and gone and I still to this day can not believe she is two. Her birthday party was on her same day as her birthday, Sunday July 10th. We had the party at my parent's house again. Thank goodness we did, it was a true Chicago summer, 95 hot and humid! My parent's pool was the hit of the party. I think at one point there was close to 40 people in it. Besides the pool we had a small kids jumpy house, bubbles and a ton of toys for kids to play with. I made my sloppy joe, Eric grilled hot dogs and Eric's dad made his famous baked chicken. We also had a ton of sides and some amazing desserts. The food was a huge hit! The guest numbers totaled at right around 60 people! We have a lot of friends and family that love our little girl. It was an amazingly fun and memorable day, it couldn't have been better!

Here are some pictures of Claire's 2nd Birthday Party:

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