Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy Hotness

Holy Moly Batman, summer is in full force! Today my car read 101 degrees, the news reported the hit index got to 110 degrees. The next couple of days will be the same or even hotter, craziness but it's summer and we live in the Chicagloland area where any kind of summer can occur. Claire and I are relaxing in doors, working on the potty training (which is still going fantastic), playing word games, coloring and watching her two (for now) favorite movies: Sherk and Cars. We already made two stops over to my parents for a nice refreshing dip in their pool. I think the pool will be seeing us a lot over these next couple of days! You know it's hot, when you get out of the pool and you don't feel cool or refreshed at all. I think I instantly started to sweat but hey, it's summer!
I think we all should soak up the hotness and try to enjoy the weather as much as possible, humidity and all because in a few short months the temps will start to drop and winter will be rearing it's head!
Claire LOVES papa and nana's pool!

We will be doing this a lot over the next couple of days!

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