Sunday, November 15, 2009

Claire's 4 Month Check-up

Claire had her 4 month check-up this past Friday. I learned from her 2 month check-up to make her appointments for earlier in the afternoon to bet the after school rush and so daddy would be able to go with.Her appointment was at 2pm so we gave her tylenol 40 minutes before her check-up so she was prepared for her shots.


Weight: 12lbs 6oz (birth weight: 6lbs 7oz)
Height: 23.75 inches (birth height: 20 inches)
Head: 15 inches

The doctor checked her over very carefully (as she always does - she is a very in depth doctor). She asked all kinds of questions and when she got to the milestones, Claire is able to do all of the ones she mentioned! From rolling over (belly to back), putting her legs up in the air with her feet together, head control, to being pulled to a sitting position with her head even with her body. She still has a tendency to look more to the right, so we have to work on stretching out her left neck muscles and having her turn to the left more - nothing that isn't normal and can't be fixed! I am successfully exclusively breastfeeding, so she said I can continue to do that. She said when we feel like starting rice cereal with Claire, we can. (She recommends for breastfeeding mom's anywhere between 4-6 months) We have decided to start feeding her cereal when she hits 5 months. (Just from things I've read - personal choice)
She got two shots and one oral vaccination. She did okay with the oral, only spitting out a little bit. She did make some really cute "what the hell is this" face, when she was taking it. With the shots she did 10x better this time. She only cried afterward for less then 2 minutes. I didn't cry at all this time. I was too focused on holding her arms and swinging her favorite butterfly (that has lights and music) in front of her face, trying to distract her. All in all it was a successful doctors visit. Her next appointment is 1-15-09 (6 month check-up).

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