Monday, November 23, 2009

Spit Happens...

It has been a spit up day...I'm exhausted!
I think Claire was suffering from some gas issues today. Everytime she would sit up from a laying down position, she would spit up. I know she isn't sick because she is acting fine. She is laughing, talking, kicking, playing, peeing, pooping, no fever, sleeping and eating great. She is currently in her third shirt of the day. We are a great couple, we both smell like baby barf! Yum! I had my mom run to Walgreens to get some gas relief drops for future use. After feeding her one time this evening, she had the biggest burp ever - it came from her toes! I think that's what she need all day long!
I never knew spit up could be SO much work... Oh, the joys of motherhood!!

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