Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

Today is a day when you are suppose to give thanks. Today I am thankful for:
Claire, Eric, my awesome supportive family, my amazingly loving friends, my fur babies- Lucy and Penny, our health, Eric's job that allows me to stay home with my Bug, a roof over our heads and food on our table, the ability to trust and love unconditionally. There is so much more but you get the drift!

Today was Claire's first Thanksgiving! WOW, I remember last year, Eric and I were the only two who knew I was pregnant. I was dealing with horrible morning sickness while trying to stuff my newly pregnant face with all the fixings of Thanksgiving.
We start this year off at Eric's parents house for a late Thanksgiving lunch. Claire got to spend her time with her Grandma and Grandpa, Great Grandpa Ralph, Uncle Bry and Aunt Stacy, Aunt Laurie and John, Great Grandma Laura, Great Uncle George, Great Aunt Linda, and her second cousin, Drew. We had some amazing food and even better dessert! Eric and I made a dairy free lemon cake, it turned out wonderfully - super moist!

After the Widstrand Thanksgiving lunch, we went over to Claire's Papa and Nana's house for a Thanksgiving dinner. It was a small group this year but the food so delicious! Eric and I enjoyed some pie for dessert - I had pecan and Eric pumpkin. (I didn't feel to bad eating so much dessert because: 1. I had to watch what I could eat because I couldn't have anything that had dairy in it and 2. every time I breastfeed I can burn up to 500 calories!) After a yummy dinner, Claire got to spend time playing with her Uncle Kyle and Aunt Lo! She was giving them both an ear full!

All in all, Claire's first Thanksgiving was a success! We feel very blessed to have such amazing people in our lives! Now it's time to start preparing for Claire's 1st Christmas!!

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