Wednesday, November 11, 2009


As I was sitting here with Claire this morning, I got the worst shooting pain in my crotch! What the Hell?! Hello, Crotch - Claire is over 17 weeks old and I have been healed for the last 11 weeks! I don't think I deserve a sudden burst of pain anymore!

Here's way:

1. Claire shooting out at delivery + episiotomy = 3rd degree tear
(3rd degree tear is when you rip hole to hole)

2. Getting up from of a hospital bed was the worst thing I've ever experienced. It felt like my insides where going to fall out of me at any moment! When I got home, it was the same but it was getting off the couch was Hell and it took me a good 1-2 minutes to do.

3. I couldn't sit up straight for over a week.

4. I had to sleep on the couch because I could get into my bed for 2 weeks.

5. I couldn't drive for 2 weeks!

6. I was so swollen, I got love comments by nurses in the hospital like, "Did you have a big baby?" My answer, "NO, I had a extremely fast labor!" thanks for making me feel great nurse!

7. I had to wear a pad, ice pack, tucks all at once for awhile.

8. I had to drink mineral oil 2x a day for 3 weeks!

9. I had no bathroom control, when I had to go, I had to go!

10. I had a nurse press as hard as she could on my uterus right after delivery for a good 20 minutes! It hurt like Hell, I was trying to push her way, that's how bad it hurt!

11. I had to do sitz baths for 2 whole weeks, at least 2x a day! Which are suppose to feel good but for me, it so hard to sit that long on the toilet!

12. I couldn't bend at the waist down for a whole week! Thank goodness Eric was home to help me!

13. I never waddled during pregnancy but I sure waddled slowly after giving birth!

So please pain, don't come back! I will experience you when I give birth again! Thanks!


  1. "3rd degree tear is when you rip hole to hole"

    This literally made me make a face of horror reading at my desk!

  2. Yup! On a positive note, I didn't feel it when it happened! Thank God! Recovering was Hell but I would do it again in a second - babies are SO worth it!!


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