Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 14th 2008

This is the day the story begins but first we most go back a few months...

DH and I were not preventing the conception of our first child. We had the motto, "if it happens, it happens." My periods have always been a little weird, coming and going as they please. We knew that could make it a little on the difficult side for conceiving a child. We never gave up hope or trying. We didn't make the conceiving process a job, we took it one day at a time and had fun trying.

November 10th 2008 started out a little different then most days. On this day I was attending a field trip with my mom's preschool class to a local dairy farm. I woke up, jumped in the shower and almost immediately I was in pain. As soon as the water from the shower hit my nipples, I said, "WTF." I was confused about what was happening to my body. I never felt anything like that. I finished up my shower, grabbed my towel, and again was shocked by the pain my nipples felt when the towel grazed them. I thought of the situation as weird and not normal but didn't think too much of it. I truthfully just thought my period, which was due that Wednesday, was going to be a big, miserable one that month. ( I had spotted the previous Friday and Saturday and when that happens, I can just assume my period will be a "good" one.)
As the week continued, my nipples stayed sore, my breast began to hurt when I was running on the treadmill, and the sides of my breast, under my arm pits become sore also. I knew I never experienced anything like this but still was in denial that I was pregnant. I told myself that I would wait until Friday to take a test. I wanted to be extra sure my period wasn't just going to show up late. Wednesday came and went and still no AF.

Friday, November 14th 2008 came. I woke up and told myself, "You are NOT pregnant, it's in your head. Don't get your hopes up. You know you will see only one line today." I also said that I was not going to look at the test after I peed on it. I got up out of bed, with the utter most confidence, that I was not pregnant. I grabbed the one and only test I had in the house and walked to the bath room. I unwrapped it, while in my head I was tell myself - don't get excited because you will just get hurt. I peed on it and as I was about to put the test on the sink, I glanced at the test (which I wasn't suppose to do) as soon as I looked at the test (which was seconds after peeing on it) I saw the first line appear and it was SO dark. I stopped putting the test down and stuck it right in front of my face. All of a sudden the second line appeared. I sat there on the toilet for a good minute with my hand over my mouth in amazement. The positive line was darker then the test line. I realized what the test was saying and I started jumping around and screaming, "Pregnant, I'm pregnant!" The only two people in the house were my two wiener dogs. I pretty sure they thought I was playing, seeing as the began to jump around with me. All of a sudden I stopped in mid jump and said to myself, "I only have this one test, what if it's wrong!"
I jumped in my car on that rainy, cold November morning and drove to the store. As I was walking towards the appropriate aisle, I realized I was in random pj's, that did not match! As I smiled at myself for what I had on, I made it to the correct aisle. I stood there for a good 5 minutes, looking up and down at all the different types and brands of test. You would think at this point, it wouldn't matter but some how it did. I grabbed a box of the Clear Blue Easy Digital test and headed to the checkout. I felt proud to be seen paying for the tests because I knew what was most likely brewing within.
I got home, drank a huge glass of o.j. and proceeded to the bathroom. I peed on the test but these test results don't show immediately but take a whole three minutes. When the little hour glass stop, the word "pregnant" was there. That little word brought me to the realization that I was pregnant!

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  1. I love the stories of the "big discovery"!! Seeing that word "PREGNANT" is the best feeling EVER!


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