Thursday, November 5, 2009

9 months of Pregnancy

November - Month 1:(3-6 weeks) It was a pretty exciting month. We found out we were pregnant and kept it our little secret for the first couple of weeks. Thanksgiving was wonderful knowing I had a little one growing within. Around 5 weeks, I started to spot. I went to the doctor and he checked me my cervix, which was closed tightly, thank goodness. I only spotted pink for two days and by the third day it was completely done. I found out that my beta levels were doubling nicely. Around 5 weeks 5 days the morning sickness kicked in full force, which was good news for the doctor and I. Morning sickness = healthy pregnancy.

December - Month 2: (7-11 weeks) At 7 weeks, we got our first look at our baby. The ultra sound was so amazing, we got to see our little babies flickering heart beating. She looked amazing, it was a very special moment for DH and I. That night we told our parents our exciting news. They were over joyed for the impending arrival. 9 weeks came and we got to hear our babies heart beat for the very first time. It was strong and sounded perfect. Morning sickness was still in full force and giving me a run for my money. At 12 weeks we told the rest of our families. They were all so excited to become aunts and uncles to our little one.

January - Month 3:(12-15 weeks) I still continued to have morning sickness and vomiting well into my 2nd trimester. My belly was growing and I thought I was feeling the first movements of my little baby.

February - Month 4:(16-19 weeks) Was very exciting, my morning sickness was still hanging around but was bearable now and I was indeed feeling our baby move within. The movements began around 16 weeks. At 18 weeks DH was able to feel his child's movements. At 18 weeks we got to see our little baby once again on a ultrasound. She was a healthy little one, who was moving around like crazy. On that day we also learned that we were having a little girl. We were having ourselves a Claire Constance. It was amazing to know our little one by name, I felt even closer to her at that very moment.

March - Month 5:(20-23 weeks) My belly was getting bigger and I finally started to look pregnant and not just "chunky". I could really feel our little girl moving around at all different times of the day. It was such an amazing feeling, one that can't be explained to anyone. At 20 weeks the braxton hicks contractions began (and the continued throughout the next 18 weeks.) 22 weeks 3 days was the moment I got to see Claire's movement from the outside. She was kicking so hard, I told DH that I beat we could see it. Low and behold we could. Another emotional moment that we got to experience together!

April - Month 6:(24-28 weeks) At the beginning of the month, I hit 24 weeks. It felt so good to hit that important week. At 24 weeks a baby has a chance of surviving outside of the womb. It was milestone I was waiting for and I was happy to be there. At 26 weeks, we registered for our shower. It was so much funny picking out all the cute little baby stuff, knowing that in less than 14 weeks there would be a little girl to use it on.

May - Month 7:(29-32 weeks) Was a great month. I was feeling good and knowing that I was so close to meeting my little Claire. I also knew that if she had to make her arrival early, she would have a very good chance of surviving. This month we also prepared for our baby shower.

June - Month 8:(33-36 weeks) At 33 weeks we had our baby shower. It was a great day full of good food and great friends and family. We got everything we need, plus some. We were now almost prepared for Claire's arrival. At 34 weeks we got a 4-D ultrasound done. It was an amazing experience to see Claire so big, we got to experience with our parents and DH's sister. Claire changed so much since we saw her at 18 weeks. She was already in the head down, birthing position. The tech said she was definitely a girl and a very healthy one at that.

July - Month 9:(37-40 weeks) At 37 weeks I was so excited. Claire could come at anytime and be considered full term. It was crazy to think that 9 months had came and went so quickly. My journey was coming to an end. At my weekly doctor appointment, I found out I had lost weight and was already 2-3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. 4th of July was pretty exciting, not sure when Claire was going to arrive. We threw our annual party full of family and friends. It was a rainy day but rain cleared out just in time for the town's fireworks. Claire kicked the entire time. Little did I know she would be born in less then a week. 38 weeks came, I was so excited but nervous, knowing that I would be giving birth in the very near future. At my doctors appointment, my blood pressure was a little high (no protein in my urine) and I was 4-5 cm dilated and almost 70% effaced. The doctor decided to set a date to induce me for the following Saturday. The induction date never happened. That night at 38 weeks 1 day we headed for the hospital!

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  1. wow, you look great pregnant and great not pregnant! looks like your weight came off pretty quickly as did mine, i ended up thinner after being pregnant than i was before! congratulations on your little girl, she's very beautiful.


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