Friday, November 6, 2009

How Bug Meet Bean

The story begins like this...

Eric and Joel (Bean's (Brayden's) dad) knew each other when they were in grade school. When Joel was in 8th grade, his dad got transferred to a different church. So after Joel left, him and Eric really didn't talk too much. A year or so ago, I found Joel on facebook and we became "friends". In May, I noticed that Joel's wife Katreena was posting weekly belly pictures about the same time I was. I mentioned it to Eric, telling him he should write Joel and just ask. Well low and behold, Katreena and I were due on the exact same day, July 22nd 2009. Katreena and I quickly became friends via facebook. We wrote on each others walls and sent message daily. It was so nice to have someone going through the last weeks of pregnancy with. We became best friends rather fast, we connect so well. There were questions and topics, I only could talk to her about and vice versa.
We both had our baby showers a week apart. As I was looking through her pictures, I noticed that we had the same car seat/stroller combo and crib. How ironic is that. We laughed about it because we also had so many personal things alike. Both our hubbies joked that we were twins separated at birth.
Katreena gave birth to Bradyen on July 8th 2009. I gave birth to Claire a day and a half later, July 10th 2009.
Brayden and Claire (Katreena and I) officially meet August 1st 2009, when the kiddos were 3 weeks old.
It is such a blessing to have such wonderful friends to walk the path of being new parents with. Brayden and Claire have become great friends and now have baby conversations together. We love to watch them change and grow! I know we will have many more years of great friendship ahead of us!

(We call Claire, Bug and they call Brayden, Brady Bean)

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