Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a great Halloween! Full of Boo at the Zoos to local Halloween parades! Trick or Treating was one of Claire's favorite things! She was SO excited and kept announcing her excitement all day long! This year she was the cutest little cupcake I've ever seen! Once I heard about the cupcake outfit, I knew that's what I wanted her to be. Two of my favorite things all rolled into one: Claire and cupcakes! I love holidays that are full of amazing memories! I can't wait to see what every Halloween has in store for us! I just know that every year keeps getting better and better!

Here are some pictures from our Halloween adventures:

C.C. and I out and about Trick or Treating
Our little cupcake on Halloween night.

Boo at the Zoo with her buddy, Brayden

Halloween Parade

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