Friday, January 7, 2011

Complete 180

As long as I can remember Claire always needed me to fall asleep at night. It started with her nursing, she would fall asleep and Eric would put her to bed in her crib. After she no longer was on the boob, she would have her sippy cup of milk while snuggling with me before bed, she would finish her milk and she would just fall asleep. For the last couple weeks she's done a complete 180. She has her milk on my lap and we get our night time snuggles in, she brushes her teeth and then Eric (I'm unable to do this part because if she sees me, it doesn't work) puts her to bed awake, there is no crying or whining. She lays down on her pillow, asks for her "baby Carlee" and her "bear" and then just relaxes. Eric asks if she wants him to sing "row row row your boat"? Usually she says, "yes". One time of the song and she's out. It's truly amazing how kids can do one thing for months and then in an instant can change their ways. I'm so happy because she was unable to be allowed to cry it out because she's like her mom, me where if she crys too long or too hard, she'll puke! So the whole sleep training, cry it out method was able to be kept up on! It shows you that it takes time and that they can learn stuff on their own. It makes me realize even more that she's growing up!

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