Monday, January 10, 2011

Claire You're 18 Months Old

As of January 10th 2011, Claire Constance is 18 months old....a year and a half! Holy Moly Batman! I can't believe it but I've enjoyed every moment of it!


Claire's appointment isn't until the end of January, so I can't update with the correct height and weight. If I had to guess she would be in the 21 pound range. She still fits comfortably in 12-18 and 18-24 months clothing. She still sports a size 3 shoe. Her hair is getting long; when it's wet (dry it's curly) it's down to the top of her back and can officially be pulled back into a ponytail. But she's really not a fan, so we still opt for the one pony on top of her head (usually a side pony).


She has her good food days and not so good. Lately, she's been going through a growth spurt. It seems as if she's always hungry.

breakfast - lately all she wants is a granola bar and fruit (sometimes she wants cheesy eggs or peanut butter toast)
lunch - anything, she's really not too picky. She loves and will eat hot dogs, veggies (peas, carrots, green beans), veggie straws, cheese, wheat crackers, any type of fruit, turkey breast, ravioli, homemade chicken salad, pickles, avocado, hummus.
 p.m. snack - gold fish crackers, puffs, veggie straws, Annie's bunnie snack crackers
dinner - she eats what we are eating and does great

She is loving her milk lately! She gets as much milk as she wants but usually we try to give her at least 1 or 2 sippy cups of water a day. Sometimes she will get juice but we still do the 25% juice and 75% water.

She loves ketchup or as she calls it "k-cup". Most of the time she will just suck the ketchup off of whatever it's on but lately she's actually been eating them! Her favorite is french fries with ketchup.


I would love to sit here and list them all but I've been trying to write them all down lately. Right now I'm at 95 words (most single but many are 2 to 4 word phrases) and she still surprises me with a few new words every day.

She LOVES to sing (but it's definitely in her genes):

"Twinkle, twinkle little star"
"Happy Birthday"
"Patty Cake"
The theme song from "Choo choo soul"
The end song, "Hot dog dance" from "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"


She's a very very active little girl! She's always moving from the time she wakes up to the moment she either naps or goes to bed she's moving. I'm lucky to maybe get her to sit on the couch (mostly in the morning) for maybe 10 minutes.

She's running now! We say, "run run run" and as she's running she yells, "running running"

She loves to give kisses. She'll lean in and pucker up! It's super cute.

Every time she gives hugs (which she loves to do and would give a hug to anyone or anything) she says, "awwww!"

She loves to play "duck duck goose" (I've seen her play "duck duck goose" with our two dogs!), and "ring around the rosie"!

She's climbing on anything and everything. If it's climbable - Claire will climb it. She has no fear.

She loves to jump, do arm crosses, stand on one foot, spin in a circle, stand on her head (and try to do a somersault)

She loves playing with her toys but she also loves non-toys too. She has a very active imagination and you can see it. Her new play kitchen, shopping cart and babies are her favorite! She loves going "night night" with her babies. She could push her babies in her shopping cart around all day! She's becoming a very good mommy!

Claire loves any type of water - bath, pool or hot tub! She's a fish just like her momma! You actually have to spell out "b-a-t-h" now or she will continuously say, "bath" and won't leave us alone until we give her one! If she knows she going swimming - the word "swim" will come out the whole time you are getting her ready to go!

Reading is still something we do all the time in our house - she still loves her books! Wherever she sees letters she'll say, "ABC".

She can count to 3 and she knows the shapes of a star and moon and circle.

In the last couple months she's really taken to the "Disney Jr. Channel". She's in love with "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" (which will be her 2nd birthday theme), "Handy Manny", "Choo-Choo Soul", "Chuggington", "Dora".

She also as a new recent obsession with trains! She loves trains real and fake! We recently took her to a local kids restaurant that as trains all over! She loved it, it will be a new dinner place for us until trains are not cool anymore! 


Great, "knock on wood".  She's been going to bed wonderfully! We have a great bed time routine going: milk/snuggle time with mommy, brush teeth and then bed time. To fall asleep she needs her baby Carlee, bear and her favorite circle blanket! She goes down around 10pm and gets up any where from 8-10am.

She has 1 nap and it really depends on when she wakes up. Usually it's between 1-2pm. They can range anywhere from an hour to two.


Claire an hour old to 8 months old

Claire 9 months to 17 months old

 This morning, the moment she turned 18 months!

Happy 18 month birthday baby girl! We love you!

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