Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Look at Our Christmas Through Pictures

Santa ate some of our cookies and drank some of the milk we left him!

Santa did good this year!

Santa left Dora and Elmo stickers in Claire's stocking!

And a microphone!

She got a baby from mommy and daddy!

Claire checking out some of her goodies that everyone got her!

Daddy and his girl Christmas morning 2010

Mommy and Bug Christmas Morning 2010

Santa also stopped by Papa and Nana's house and left a kitchen for her!

A "pillow chump" from Uncle Kyle - it's 10x the size of a regular pillow pet and takes up half her room!

Playing in her new tent and tunnel!

Weebles Playhouse

Nana and her bug!

Papa and his girl!

Checking out her new puppy, skip!
Even after a long day, she decided to vacuum for me!

We had an amazing Christmas this year. Don't get me wrong, Claire's 1st Christmas will always be special and hold a special little piece in my heart but this Christmas was so much fun. Last Christmas she was 5 months old, sat there and tried to eat the wrapping paper and just played with the bows. It's such a change, this year she opened her own presents, she got excited when she say something she really liked and she wanted to play with everything right away. The look of excitement on her face is priceless and I know every single Christmas will be memorable in it's own way! Our traditions that we will carry over to future Christmas's are: reading the book, "The night before Christmas"- I read this book with my dad and brother every Christmas eve night, setting out cookies, milk and a letter for Santa, opening our stocking first. Even a few weeks before Christmas we started a new tradition is to take a name off the"giving tree" at our church. I think it's important for Claire to know the try meaning of Christmas and what giving is all about. I think my grandpa Linos would be proud of him, he was the who taught me a lot! This Christmas was so much fun. I love living close to both of our families so we can split up the day and be able to spend it with both of them. I know Claire loves seeing both sets of grandparents all in one day. This Christmas was filled with delicious breakfast and dinner, family, friends, faith, games and of course a ton of laughs! Can't wait to see what Christmas 2011 as in store for us!

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