Monday, August 9, 2010

Goodbye Boob Milk, Hello Cow's Milk

Well, it's been official for a little over 3 weeks now. Claire is weaned.  No more boob. No more personal closeness that I enjoyed and loved so much. It's weird, really weird. Although Claire was only nursing in the morning in the very end. I miss that feeding. I miss snuggling up to Claire in the morning hours as she nursed. At that time, I was so ready to be done nursing. I knew Claire was too because she would only nurse a couple minutes then pull away and go about her morning routine. Now, 3 weeks later I'm missing it. I don't feel like I lost a connection or a closeness with Claire but I miss that special mommy, daughter moment we shared, even if it was just for a few short minutes every day. Now I make sure we snuggle in the morning a little longer and give extra snuggles through out the day. I'm so proud of myself, my boobs, my milk supply and Claire for nursing for a little over 12 months. It was a great experience, one I know I will definitely try to do again.

On another note, Claire is doing wonderful with cow's milk (vitamin D). She absolutely positively loves it! She gets a cup with breakfast, a cup with dinner and a bottle (or 2) at bed time. We are doing the bottle at bed because she still needs that type of sucking to fall asleep. I'm not worried that she's drinking from a bottle. She just started it 3 weeks ago, give her another month or so and then we will start to wean from that!

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  1. I'm sure that's hard after having that closeness for so long. But that's great that you both were able to do it for so long!


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