Friday, August 6, 2010

12 Month Well-Being Appointment

Claire had her 12 month well being check up last Thursday.
Man, it is getting harder and harder to take her to the doctors. She destroyed the waiting room in a matter of seconds. There were pamphlets on the table, she knocked every single one off the table onto the floor. She was all over the place, she was literally "baby running" every where. Once we got into the room, she was trying to get into everything. Luckily, all the cabinets are out of her reach and the outlets all had plug covers so nothing real could have hurt her.

The doctor said she is doing everything right on schedule and something she's even a little ahead on. She got her chicken pox vaccine and will get her hepatitis A shot in a couple of weeks. She did great, it's hard to believe her year appointment has come and gone! Time is going by so fast!

(Claire's doctor has never really impressed me. She was on-call when Claire was born so that's why we went to her. We are pretty certain we will be switching to a new doctor that has great reviews in our area.)

Claire's 12 month stats:

Born: 6 lbs 7oz
12 months: 18lbs 5oz

Born: 20 inches
12 months: 27.5 inches

She's still a peanut but we think she always will be. I don't think we have a future basketball player on our hands but more like a great little ice skater!

Check out the next post "What's Claire Doing at 12 Months!"

for now enjoy your weekend!


Wish us luck we are taking Claire camping in MI for the first time!! This should be interesting!!

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