Friday, January 15, 2010

Claire's 6 Month Check Up

Claire had her 6 month check up today. Eric took her because I still had a fever and was feeling under the weather. Anywho - her appointment went very well!

Claire was 14lbs 7oz (born at 6lbs 7oz) and is 25.25 inches long (20 inches at birth).

She has hit all of her milestones on time (plus some, like sitting all by herself) and has started to get scared and cry when she meets new people. Eric said, Claire started crying as soon as her doctor walked into the room. The doctor did warn us at her 4 month appointment that at her next check up Claire might be scared of her and she was right on!

She got 1 shot today and will get 1 more next week. I am trying to follow the alternative shot schedule, which just is not giving to many shots at one time and pushing the MMR-I vaccination until she is at least 2 or 3 years old. (Check out Dr. Sears's book)We are also thinking about getting her both flu shots - regular and H1N1. Our doctor highly recommends the H1N1 and gave us some literature to read over before making our decision. We are thinking about it for these reasons: we take her out in public a lot, she is exposed to many people of all ages, and we are flying in April. The doctor said a little reach to the flu shots is better then her actually getting either type of flu, espeically at her age!

Claire is officially in full teething mode. The doctor said one of her bottom middle teeth has already broken through (you can feel it when Claire bites down on your finger) and the other one should break through sometime next week. We have been giving her infant Tylenol and baby oral gel when she needs it. We also picked up some infant Motrin (which she can now take because she is 6 months old) to give her in the morning, which we feel will help with her inflamed gums! At least now we know why she has been sleeping so crapply the last couple of weeks!!

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