Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sleep Regression Sucks!

For the last week or so, Claire has been in a sleep regression. It sucks! She was such a great sleeper, starting from when she was 7 weeks old. Now at almost 21 weeks old, she is getting up one to two times a night. My body and I'm sure Eric's is not use to it! I can barely keep my eyes open when I am feeding her. The sleep regression could be due to: teething, growth spurt, or ready to start rice cereal (which we are going to start Saturday morning). I check her gum's almost every day. Sometimes I feel like I feel a little bump on her lower gum's but anyone who else checks, says, "there is nothing sticking out". I hope it is do a growth spurt (which needs to hurry up) or being hungry and that will be solved Saturday! I just feel like we have a newborn all over again! Just keep your fingers crossed, we will get a full night sleep soon!!

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