Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weekend in Chicago

Eric and I decided to spend the weekend downtown for our anniversary this year. We decided to try "Priceline - pick your own price", we put in 3 1/2 star hotel for $90. We thought, there would be no way we would get a hotel downtown, right by water tower place for so cheap. Well, we got it. $90 at the Hilton Suites, a block from water tower place and Michigan Ave.

To pack for a weekend away was so much easier when we were just "two". Now, that we have Claire it feels like we have to take everything! From a pack'n'play, extra diapers and wipes, clothes (extra clothes, incase of blow outs or spit-up explosions), toys, blankets, sheets...

We got downtown in the afternoon, Eric checked us in and took all of our stuff up to the room. Claire and I decided we would go park the car in Eric's parking spot at the Water Tower Place parking garage. To go maybe 3 blocks, park, and take an elevator took us over 30 minutes - oh, the joys of the city! Eric was waiting for us in Water Tower Place. We get out elevator and Eric immediately says, "we might have to change rooms! There is a little dog in the next room, that is crying...continuously!" We got back to the hotel and we did switch rooms. We went from the 4th floor to the 25th floor, so it was worth the switch! Our hotel room was so nice. It had a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. The view was great, our room overlooked Lake Michigan.

We got cleaned up and decided to head out in search of a restaurant to eat at. We walked around for a good 25 minutes but we didn't mind that too much, seeing it was a beautiful November evening. We decided to eat outside at Lux Bar. The food was very good! We walked around a little more before we head back to our hotel. Once we got back, we all got into our swim suits and headed for the pool (which was on the 30th floor).

Eric and I were very excited to introduce Claire to the swimming pool. We both love swimming and we hope she does too. We got into the pool area and wait a couple of minutes so the kids that were in the pool, could relax before we got in there. Claire and I went in first, while Eric video taped. Claire showed no emotion! Hey, at least she didn't hate it! She just looked around and kicked her feet now and then. We all stayed in for 10 minutes. We didn't want to stay in to long because Claire's skin would dry out. We lounged by the pool, while we were drying off. Another first to be checked off the list!

The evening/night was very uneventfully. We watched TV and Claire played on her blanket with her toys. The morning came and we just hung out and relaxed together. We got ready, checked out, and then had lunch in Water Tower Place before we headed out for our long walk to Macy's on State Street. We got to Macy's and it was raining, so we were unable to check out all the Christmas window displays, so we just walked around and browsed inside Macy's. When we were heading back, we decided to take the red line (subway). Just to take the subway is more work because you have to find a handicap elevator to go down into the subway, then you have to use the handicap ticket counter, take another elevator to get down to the plate form, get on the train (remember to put your stroller break on, because it is a wild ride), get off at a handicap stop, take two more elevators just to get back up to street level! We made two more stops before heading home. We went to a high dollar toy and baby store at 900 N. Michigan Ave. stores and then we walked through American Girl Doll Store! Hey, it's never to early to start looking!

The weekend was so much fun! We have decided to take more spontaneous trips like this one more often. Our next adventure with hotels and pools is New Years Eve. We are spending the night with Joel, Katreena, and Brayden in Schaumburg!!

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