Thursday, December 3, 2009

Remember to Burp your Baby...

My experience: a non burped baby = exorcist baby!

Claire is one of those breastfed babies that need to be burped after every feeding and sometimes in the middle of each feeding. She is a very distracted eater. If the television is on, someone talks, or the dogs bark, she will turn to it and continue to turn to it during her feeding, which obviously creates lots of bubbles in her tummy.
So I have learned the signs on when I need to stop "Miss. I'm going to look at everything and create bubbles while I eat" and burp her. I give her 3-4 times of unlatching from the boob before I burp her. Does this tick her off, Hell yes it does! She fussy like no tomorrow but after she is burped and gets "her" boob back, she is a happy baby once again. Well, until we have to do it all over again! So for all the new moms out there, I would rather you just try to burp your baby, that way you won't have to experience your little sweet baby turning into an exorcist baby!

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