Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to Make Your Little One Poop...

When Claire was a month old, my mom told me of a little trick to get Claire to poop in case she was unable to go. I never really thought too much about it because Claire has always been a poop machine. Well, lately Claire has been pooping maybe once (maybe twice) a day or every other day. Yesterday, was a day that Claire decided not to poop, well I wanted to see if my mom's little trick would work. During one of Claire's diaper changes, I took a wipe and put it around my finger. I used it to stimulate Claire's "bottom"(yes, her little butt hole). I just "wiggled" my finger on the outside of her "bottom" for a couple seconds, put a new diaper on, and went on with our night. No more then 5 minutes later, she was playing on her tummy on her blanket with daddy, when all of a sudden she start farting and then she pooped, majorly! I couldn't believe the trick worked! I had to call my mom to tell her about our success! I know it's normal at this stage for Claire not to poop every day but when it's been a day or two, I now know a easy way to get her to go! There will be no constipation in Claire's future! Well, at least I hope!


  1. Motherhood is glamorous, isn't it? ;)

  2. It truly is!! What "fun" we get to experience!


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