Thursday, May 26, 2011

Packing (not the moving kind)

On Saturday we will be getting on a plane and  heading to the sunny shine state, California. Oh man do we need this vacation! We are all super excited. I've been telling Claire this whole week that she gets to go to Mickey and Minnie's house (she's obsessed with them at this point) and she's also very excited to be going on an airplane. She loves finding them in the sky and announcing it to who ever will listen!

The thought of the fun, relaxing and amazing time we will have as a family is great but then I come back to realty and realize I get to pack us all. Hooray! Not. I don't mind packing but when you are going for 9 days it's hard and you are packing an almost 2 year is even harder. Thank goodness we are flying Southwest so are bags are free and no charge for our carry-on! I feel like I'm packing our whole "room" (remember we are living with the in-laws until we move so right now we don't have a house but we have a room!). I have list after list of things I can't forget - passports, camera, video camera and their chargers etc... Thank goodness I'm and OCD, organized freak because I know I will get everything done and leave nothing behind!

We also have to account for the over 4 hour plane ride. Holy Moly this could be really interested is what I've been thinking all week. Claire could be an awesome girl or a maniac! No one knows until the moment we board the plane. We are taking the dvd player so she can watch all her favorite movies on the plane along with books, coloring book and crayons, notebook and pen, stickers, a car, one of her babies, a puzzle and tons of snacks. I'm hoping she will take a good hour to two hour nap on board, seeing as we are getting up way earlier then she's use to. Oh well, whatever will be will be!

Other then the trip, life is going pretty well. We are all settled in and feeling right at home. We've drove through many towns in the area and we are pretty sure we found our future home - Plainfield, IL! I love it, you get a ton of house for your money, the schools are good and it's close to a lot of great towns and shopping. Plus it's only 40 minutes from our families and friends! Woohoo!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I am sure Claire will be fine on the plane, if not...remember, Southwest no longer accepts cash for alcoholic beverages! ;-) Also, you will never see those people ever again. So, if she decides to be crazy and people give you a dirty look, feel free to tell them to shove it. :-)

    Have an awesome family vacay! You BEYOND deserve it!!


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