Monday, April 25, 2011

Life is Crazy

Life is super crazy right now and moving sucks. That's whats happening around here. Minus having a wonderful action packed weekend of the 4 F's: family, faith, fun and food! We are in pure chaos and I'm ready for it to be over (but I think it will get worse before it gets better)! I bet you are all jealous!

At least Easter was great. The weather around here was so nice! Claire got to go to her first Easter egg hunt at my mom's school. They had over 20K eggs and Claire was in the 5 and younger section so it was nice and calm which allowed Claire to really get into finding her eggs and putting them in her Easter basket. After the egg hunt, we head to our over to my in-laws to celebrate our nephews 4th birthday. Claire had a blast playing with her cousins.

Easter morning was great. I kinda of forgot that last Easter Claire was only 9 months old. This year the Easter bunny brought her a new water table with a bunch of water toys to go with it. She immediately wanted it filled up with water. She also got a Minnie Mouse basket with a bunch of goodies: coloring books, a football, bracelets and rings, a tiara and magic wand. She was in awe and loved everything. She played with her water table until we had to get dress and head over to my parents house. She wore an adorable lady bug Easter dress. When we got to my parents, she got her Easter gift and then headed outside to do her second Easter egg hunt. This one she actually had to hunt for the eggs. She had SO much fun. Every time she spotted a new egg, she got a big smile and said, "another one". After she found all the eggs, she got to open them up and get all her goodies out. This weekend Claire enjoyed a tootsie roll, jelly bean, chocolate egg and marshmallow for the first time. She enjoyed them all very much!  We had a delicious Easter dinner spread at my parents and then headed over to Eric's parents to celebrate the rest of the night. Claire again got to do another Easter egg hunt with her cousins along with, jumping on beds, building forts, wrestling each other, feeding the fishes and playing with their Easter gifts from grandma and grandpa.

I love the holidays because for us it is all about family! We have an amazing family/support system and are so very thankful for both sets of family. So all in all it was a very busy, non relaxing weekend but hey, that's what the holidays are all about and you know what, we love it!

Once I get the pictures from the last couple months (damn you huge memory card) I will update with all the Easter fun via pictures! Hopefully before the move!

Happy Monday All!

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