Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

I'm going to start a new blog post every Friday called, "Fun Fact Friday". I find great tidbits in many things I read and look at and I want to be able to pass them on to all of you guys! So here we go!

Fun Fact Friday

"The Broccoli Connect: Maybe Popeye should consider switching from Spinach to Broccoli. Not that spinach isn't a good food. But Broccoli and it's cruciferous relatives (cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage) are not only good foods, but evidence is growing that they may protect against cancer. The reason may be sulforaphane, a chemical found in these vegetables, which has been shown to block the growth of tumors, probably by jump starting the body's output of phase 2 enzymes, which detoxify cancer causing substances and help flush them from the body - though some other chemicals components of the cruciferous vegetables are also under study. So, like Popeye, you too, should consider increasing the number of apperances broccoli makes at family meals." (From: "What To Expect- The Toddler Years" by Heidi Murkoff)

If you family hates all the veggies and you are thinking to yourself, "there is no way, I can get them to eat any of those". You need to read one of my last post: I'm Obsessed With, it's all about a cookbook that you must get if you have very picky eaters. It's all about how to how good food into your every day meals! 

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