Thursday, March 24, 2011

Claire's First Trip to Shedd Aquarium

A couple weekends ago we took Claire for the first time to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Lately, she's been in love with fish. Fish on TV, in books and over at her grandma and grandpa's house. Since her love for fish was growing stronger, we thought what better way to let her imagination run wild and really enjoy herself but to take her to the aquarium. Of course we went on a Saturday so the lines were long but thankfully we had a stroller and got to use the stroller entrance. The lines were a little better there but we still had to wait. At least there were a ton of kids to keep Claire's attention as we waited in the slowest moving line ever. Once we made it through the line, we grabbed our tickets and headed into the aquarium. We brought Claire's backpack walker leash thingy so she could walk around on her own but with us being able to watch her every move. As soon as we step foot past the ticket taker, she started to run toward the fish and yelling, "fish, fish". Ever time we would come up to a new tank, she would either sit down or lay on her stomach and talk to the fish. I'm pretty sure she even gave a few fish kisses. She walked the whole time and enjoyed every moment. I really think this is the first time she's been this excited and truly interested in something like this. I can't wait to take her back, if I thought she had fun now, I know she will have an amazing time then!

Here are some pictures from our day:

Checking out all the little fish with daddy.

Fish face has to be done while at the Aquarium.

Claire's making friends with all the fish!

C.C. and mommy checking out the biggest fish!

Fish, fish and more fish!

Getting ready to touch a starfish!

Daddy and Claire watching the dolphins!

Here she comes...

Under water at the coral reef exhibit.

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