Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello Spring in February

It's absolutely beautiful today! High near 60 in February, what an awesome gift! The last few days after been awesome. Claire even got to walk around outside for a little bit both days, she was very happy. Although she wanted to get to her sandbox but that was still buried by the piles of snow that are slowly melting in our yard. As of right now, most of the snow is gone, all 22+ inches we got a couple weeks ago, so our yard looks more like a swamp but hey, the snows gone! I did notice that some of my plants are starting to bud, I love that sight! Means Spring isn't too far off but we're from Chicago, so we will take this special days, wear our light jackets and have the sunroof open! I know, we all know this won't last, I'm betting snow is predict or at least cold temperatures are coming our way again before we can officially say, "spring has sprung"! I love spring in February but again, who doesn't! Happy Thursday All!

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  1. We're going through this at our house now! The kids are so delighted to get to drop the heavy winter coats and hats for a few days, stomp around in the melting snow, and hit the swings!


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