Sunday, January 2, 2011

So This Is Christmas....Christmas Eve 2010

Can you believe Christmas 2010 as come and gone?! I can't. It was such a whirlwind of fun, family and some amazing food. Our Christmas started Christmas Eve night, like it has for the last 10 years. We headed over to Eric's Grandma's house to celebrate Christmas with is Dad's extended side of the family. We get to see cousins, we normal don't get to see all too often. We had some great Grandma cooked food, amazing dessert and probably over 20 different types of cookies to choice from. My favorite are the chocolate covered cherry cake cookies...their to die for! After visiting for a little bit, we were ready for the "stocking game". The "stocking game" start 3 years ago. Eric's Grandma decided to stop doing stockings for all of her grand kids(12) and their spouse because it was getting to be a little much. She decided to buy different items and put everything into a storage container and let everyone pick some things. Well for us, it's turned into a game and the storage container went from 1 to 2 to now 4 containers to choice items from. We get a few minutes to check out the containers with only our eyes, no touching/moving items around allowed. Eric's dad figures out an order and then we all pick numbers and the fun starts. This year all 4 containers were on her pool table so we decided we would have to constantly walk around the pool table and when our name was called we would have to find something from where we were around the pool table at that point. Along with that rule, we also only have 3, yes 3 seconds to pick any item. If you take too long, you get the count down. Which makes you even more syntactic and nervous. All in all we did very well - 7 toothpaste, 5 shampoos, 1 condition, 3 dish soaps, 1 hand soap, 5 body wash for men, kitchen towels, lotions, tweezers, lip gloss, socks and some stuff for Claire (Gerber snacks, goldfish etc..) It was a great fun filled evening.

Here are some pictures of our evening:

Our little family on Christmas Eve 2010

Opening one of her gifts early!

Checking out all the goodies!

Claire loved carrying around everyone's bag!

Grandma and her grandkids and great grandkid (minus 8)

Claire carrying around her new baby, Carlee!

One of her favorite things to do at Great Grandma Laura's house - play on the pool table!

To read about our Christmas stay tuned...

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