Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Vow...

I saw this on my cousin-in-law's page and I wanted to share it with all of my followers.

I vow:

I vow to never text and drive.
I vow to never take someones life because I'm texting and driving.
I vow to never put my baby girl, Claire in harms way because of a single, "OMG or LOL"

Texting and driving is said to be more dangerous and more serious then drunk driving and that's pretty scary if you think of the millions of teens out there that don't know or don't care about the consequence of a single text while they are driving. I've seen a few videos in the past that changed my whole demeanor about texting and driving - it basically scared the sh*t out of me and put horrible thoughts and vision in my head. I couldn't imagine hurting or scary killing someone I knew or a complete stranger over something so silly, so simple. Still to this day, I see people texting and driving - it's sad but so scary at the same time because it only takes a split second for your life to chage forever!

Have you or do you text and drive? If so, watch this video and put yourself in the shoes of this people. What if you lost someone you loved more then life itself...your brother, sister or even your child or what if someone lost you. Watch this and hopefully you will take a vow, a vow to never text and drive again!

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  1. That is definitely something I have never done and never plan to do. It's peer stupidity and just down right dangerous. This video it so sad, but I am so happy that it's educating more people on the dangers.


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