Thursday, January 27, 2011

Family Thursday

We had a great Thursday night tonight. Made a very yummy dinner, hung out at the library with Eric and Claire, checked out 6 books (listed below) for Claire that we've already read a hundred times, then headed to Cold Stone Ice Cream to get a savory treat. I love the simple nights that we can relax, have fun and spend time together. It's the simple things I really do cherish. We are always so busy during the week, going here and there - we try to make Wednesday and Thursday nights family nights. Family nights can be taking walks, hanging out at the library, going out to eat, out for ice cream, watching a movie while enjoying some popcorn, reading books and playing games. I love family nights, I love my little family! I'm very thankful for what I have, I feel very blessed.

Books we checked out today:
"In Elmo's Easter Parade" (Claire loves anything Elmo)
"Trucks Go" (Claire's really into trucks, trains etc...)
"Clubhouse Christmas" (It's Mickey Mouse and to Claire he's the best)
"Duck & Goose" (Claire loves playing "duck duck goose" - check this one out, it has super cute pictures)

Happy Thursday Everyone! I know I'm excited tomorrow is Friday!

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