Monday, January 31, 2011

Adult Saturday Night Out

Saturday Eric and I actually had an adult night out. Our friend, who does all of our professional pictures birthday party was at a local bar. Eric's parents got to watch Claire and they were over the moon excited to watch her for the evening. Eric and I headed out around 8pm and didn't get home until 1:30. We had a great time, full of drinks (for Eric), laughs and friends. I have not been to a bar since being pregnant with Claire. Illinois is a smoke free state but Indiana is not and guess where that bar was...Indiana. When we first got there, it wasn't too bad seeing as only half the bar/restaurant was smoking until 10pm. Once that clock struck 10pm, you could see the smoke. It was so so smoky and I not use to all the smoke, my eyes were burning within an hour. Then the music was turned up so conversations were having to be done by screaming at one another. Through the smoke and the loud music we had fun. We saw friends we rarely get to hang out with (seeing as we are the only couple with a baby in the group). We did hit one more bar before heading home with a smaller group of friends- that bar was even worse. It's a smaller bar and it was so smokey. After being there for a bit, I was over everything, tired and ready to head home and get out of my smoke covered clothes.

All in all we had a great evening! I cherish the few hours Eric and I get out as a couple but don't let me fool you, I think and talk about Claire all night!  Instead of another adult Saturday this coming weekend, I think we will try to hit one of the local children museum! Claire deserves to have a fun Saturday too!

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