Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Claire's 18 Month Check Up

Claire had her 18 month check up last week...drum roll please....

Her stats are:

Weight - 21lbs (6%)
Height - 31 inches (26%)

She's a petite little thang like her mommy and daddy!

(Birth: weight - 6lbs 7oz, height - 20in)

She's doing very well. The doctor was impressed with everything is doing and saying. (You can check out everything she's doing at 18 months here) We have a very healthy, active little one and a half year old on our hands. She got 2 shots - Hep A and MMR (although we wanted to wait until at least 2 or 3 (I know the stories/article connecting vaccines to autism have been debunked, I was still nervous) our doctor said there has been a recent outbreak of those disease - so we didn't even think otherwise. There was no way we would risk Claire getting any of those! She HATED, hated the shots. It's like she new they were coming. I think now it's way worse watching her scared getting a shot then it was when she was a newborn.  I can't believe her next visit to the doctor will be when she's two. Holy Cow - 2!

Here on some pictures of our adventure to the doctor:

Sitting at the kids table in the waiting room

Playing under all the chairs

She really wanted to wash her hands

Dancing and jumping while waiting for the doctor

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