Saturday, December 4, 2010

Over Year of Having a Green Butt

A year ago, when Claire was 4 months old. I was out and about and happened on this cute little baby boutique in Orland Park, IL - "Cutie Poops and Bottoms". You can read about it here. At that time, anything baby related I had to check out. As soon as I walked it, I was greeted by the owner. She was very nice, informative, and helpful. I stayed for awhile, learning all about the wonders of cloth diapering. By the time I walked out of the doors, I knew Claire's butt would be green in the very near future. All I had to do was convince Eric!

The following weekend, I convinced Eric to take a drive out to Orland with me. We got their, the owner did her little education bit about cloth diapering. I was hooked but the question was Eric...he was! He loved the thought of saving so much money! We started off small and started with 2 "Happy Heinys" all in one, one size fits all cloth diaper. We used them for a week or so, getting the feel for them, seeing how Claire did. Everything came back as an A+. We feel in love. We went back and order a bunch more, 13 to be exact.

Over the last year, we used them every day, every night. We've add a few different types of cloth diapers into Claire stash: Bumgenius, fuzzibunz. We love them both! The routine of cloth diapering is so simple. Wash, use, wash, use and so on. Claire rarely gets diaper rash, we don't have to go out and buy a box of diapers every week or so. We even got our good friends to go give their son a green butt! Our families learned how to change a cloth diaper (it's really pretty similar). We were using good old regular Tide for the longest time until just recently, I heard of a great new eco-friendly detergent - "Eco-Sprout". We gave it a try and to our surprise, it works great. Claire's diapers smell so fresh! We highly recommend giving it a try but if you can't afford an eco-friendly detergent, Tide works great too.

I know we will continue to be a cloth diapering family. I've witnessed the positive aspects of cloth diapering, I'm telling you the truth, it's awesome. If you ever wanted to give it a go, do! Don't be scared- it's really simple! Plus, who doesn't love saving money over the years (from birth to potty training).

Here are some pictures of Claire in her cloth diapers:

Here are some examples of the cloth diapers we use: (Aren't the colors cute?)

Happy Heinys cloth diaper
Bumgenius cloth diaper

Fuzzibunz cloth diaper

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