Monday, November 8, 2010

Sweet Home Chicago

Eric made a decision and we are staying! We are staying in Chicago! Thank God! We are so excited something so wonderful came along, allowing us to stay with all of our family and friends. He starts after Thanksgiving, so Eric gets to spend a few more weeks with Claire at home. I know through all the drama that came along with him getting laid off. Staying home and being able to see Claire all day, every day has made things seem a little better. I know he is cherishing this time with her. He is making more then when he got laid off and he is getting a sign on bonus which is a plus. I'm just excited to get insurance again. This is a great opportunity for Eric. What he does is not at every construction company yet and so he starting the       department from  the ground up. He is very excited and I'm super excited for him. I know he is happy.


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