Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloweenie 2010

Our Halloween was perfect. Perfect weather and Claire was in a perfect mood (thanks to a good hour nap). Claire went as a super cute pink kitty. As last year, I got her costume at Carter's. I think they have a cute selection. We had two days of trick-or-treating. Day one was Saturday afternoon/evening in our town and Sunday night in our friends town. Saturday was great. We started out around 3:30pm and made it until about 5:30pm! Claire got the hang of trick-or-treating relatively quickly. She went to each door, said "hi" and "bye". Most times we could get her to say what a kitty says, which is "mow"! People loved it. She really enjoyed the house that allowed her to pick her own candy out of the bowl, of course she would grab more then one piece. I would quickly say, "only one" to only be interrupt by the owner saying, "no, it's okay - she's too cute".  Saturday Claire had an entourage with her:  Eric and I, my dad and Eric's parents. At first she wanted one of her grandparents to carry her but quickly her attitude changed and she wanted to be miss independent and walk on her own. We let her and she did great! At times she got a little side tracked when she caught a glimpse of a pile of leaves, which she had to run through!
Sunday we headed out to Indiana to trick-or-treat with our friends. All though the night was pretty chilly, Brayden and Clarie did wonderful. There were so many people on one street, we actually had to carry the kiddos from house to house. That was fine for a bit but my little lady thinks she older and can walk all by herself, even when it's dark out and there are ton of people. After about an hour of trick-or-treating, we headed back to our friends house and let the kiddos play. I think they liked trick-or-treating but playing with toys were the highlight of their evening!
I really can't believe that we have had 2 Halloweens with Bug. It's crazy to me. Both years were a success! I can't wait for next year, I know if I thought this year was great. I bet next year will be even better!

Enjoy some pictures from our Halloweenie Weekend:
Our little kitty!

Daddy and Claire trick-or-treating!

Claire and her entourage!


She found leaves!

Our little family - Halloween 2010

Brayden and Claire ready to go!

Katreena and Bean/ Bug and I


There she goes!


  1. Claire looks so precious in her costume!

  2. She looks adorable in that costume! Love it.


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