Saturday, August 21, 2010

Welcome! Come Right In!

Welcome ICLW!

Hi! Here's a little about me and my blog! My name is Megan, I'm a 20 something new mom (well, I guess not a new mom really any more). I have a wonderful hubby, Eric. We have a beautiful, very active, talking 13 month old. Claire a.k.a Bug was born July 10th 2009 at 9:39 am. The moment her little 6lb 7oz body entered the world, I felt a love that I've never felt before. For the last 13 months she has kept us on our toes but as been one of the best times in my whole life. I love it. We are currently in the process of selling our home! Fun, right?! Not! It's a pain in my ass. This market just plain sucks, which in turn our cute little home that we put so much work into will not be worth  what we paid for it. Sadness. Any who, we are dealing with that situation one day at a time. We are also currently start to talk more seriously about baby #2! A month ago I finished breastfeeding Claire, so I'm waiting to see how my cycle is in the up coming month. When TTC Claire, we went in blind seeing that my periods have always been very, very irregular. Through the TTC process, I found out I have polycystic ovaries. Thank God, I don't have PCOS but because of the cyst on my ovaries, I get the fun of having irregular periods! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be somewhat normal and no intervention will be need!
This blog is full of pictures, stories, a recipe in and there and a good 'vent' every now and then.

Come right in and take a look around!
I hope you will all come back!

Here are some pictures for you all:


  1. Happy ICLW! I saw on your tag that you're TTC #2. I wish you all the best! I have a 17 month old son and am TTC #2 myself. Good luck!

    ICLW #61

  2. Oh my gosh she's too cute! Love the ladybug cake picture! :) I'll be back to your blog, you've earned a new follower! :) Best of luck with #2 - I was very irregular as well and had so many issues TTC. It would be wonderful to see my cycles regulate after this baby!


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