Saturday, May 22, 2010

Something Old

My mom's side loves antique shopping. I love shopping in general. Car shopping, food shopping, furniture shopping, clothes shopping (swim wear and jeans are my least favorite), antique shopping, any type of shopping is my type of shopping! So when we were back for Easter, the girls of my family asked if I wanted to tag along, of course I said "yes!"

They were telling me along the way that this antique mall was HUGE. I had no idea how big it really was until I walked in the door. It was an antique lovers Heaven! There were aisles after aisles of hidden treasures! I was amazed at how much stuff was there. As I was walking around the mall, I was seeing things that I could use or that I would want for my new house whenever we moved. I saw cute kitchen items and antique medicine bottles that I would have taken home in a second. I wanted to get something but something I really wanted and needed!

I was walking down one of the last aisle in the mall, when I came across an antique doll cradle. I instantly knew I wanted to get it for Claire. I had a doll cradle when I was younger and thought what a perfect addition it would be to her room. I quickly snatched it up and showed my family what I'd found. They loved it. They gave me ideas how to fix it up or how to repaint it. My Nana suggested, just to let it be and I sorta agreed. It's in pretty nice shape for being old. I like the look of it, it makes me feel like I am giving Claire a little piece of history. I like thinking about all the little girls who had once put their babies in the cradle. I don't have the heart to sand it down and paint over the history and the memories that are within the wood. I think it's unique!

I had to get it shipped home since taking a doll cradle on the plane would almost be impossible.There was no way I could have carried it on and I did not want to chance anything with checking it in and having it thrown around the airplane.

Once it arrived at home, I found a cute baby blanket of Claire's, folded it up and laied it in the cradle. I added all of her babies and stuffed animals. It looked perfect and was a nice touch to make her room a bit more girly! Claire loves it. As soon as I put her babies in it, she crawled over and took them all out. It's her game. Mommy cleans up and Claire messes up! I don't mind too much. I like to see her using and enjoying it! I know as she gets old, she will enjoy it even more!

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  1. Your little Claire is too precious :) and I really like the doll cradle! I love little finds like that.
    Thank you so much for your comment on my post yesterday. My Hershey looked so much like your beloved Lucy.

    Happy ICLW!


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