Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Want The Perfect Town

As Eric and I are starting the process of moving, I sit here and contemplate about where I want to move to - South, West, North. We can move really any where in the Chicagoland area - which means the possibilities are endless. It's exciting to think about but then my OCD kicks in and all I really want is the perfect town. The perfect town to me has great schools, a beautiful, historic downtown area, parks, a well stocked library, great restaurants, and all the necessary everyday stores.

Eric and I have thought about moving South, which is more rural but we can get more house for our money. I think it would be nice, to have land so our kids could have plenty of area to run and play. The downfall; it's far from "the real world" as I say - no Starbucks, Target, a mall within 20 or more miles. I know, I know - that's not what's important, but still. I'm used to driving 3 minutes and getting everywhere I want to go.

Today we were about an hour North of where we live now and let me tell you, I fell in love instantly. It was the perfect little town to me. It was so pretty, so perfect. It was the kind of town I could see myself living in, raising my babies, and being very happy. The downfall - it's far from our parents and friends. GOSH - I just want to scream. It's a lose, lose situation! I want the perfect town AND be closer to my friends and family.

Thankful, I have the type of job that moves with us. For Eric he works at a construction company in Chicago so every two years or so, his location can change. Because of that, we would like to be centralized. No matter where he works, his commute would stay pretty much the same.

In the next couple of weekends, we will be driving around different communities and villages that we are interested in, just to get a feel for each and every one of them. We want to find a town we love and stay there. There will be no transferring our kids from one town and school to the next.This is going to be a big decision, one that we are going to take serious. We will take our time and eventually we will find one that suits us perfectly!

I just hope I can find my perfect town! It's a dream that I hope becomes reality!!

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  1. Definitely check out the La Grange area. Great downtown, 294 gets us to Lansing in about 40 minutes, and there's a Metra line (BNSF) close by.

  2. My husband really wants to move to chicago... we talk all the time about which suburb would be best for us. I think we'd end up north, and if I'm leaving my home I tell him I still want to be fairly close to the city! LOL It is going to be an ongoing discussion though, and when we finally do relocate, we'll probably rent for a while before we decide what town is best for us.


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