Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello Appetite, I'm Not Preggo Anymore!

I'm hungry, always hungry. Why? What they Hell is going on within my petite little body of mine? I can eat anything at any time. Hello appetite, I haven't been pregnant in almost 9 months! 9 months, get it! I know breastfeeding can burn a butt load of calories but seriously. I'm not too worried about weight, since I am lower then my pre-pregnancy weight but still. I work out (run, walk, sit-ups, etc..) so I know hope I can keep the weight off.

I have to eat breakfast because if I don't I get very shaky. I try to eat something small, like one pop-tart or one piece of toast with either peanut butter or jelly. Lunch varies, sometimes it's a simple sandwich, fruit, and chips or I throw a lean cuisine into the microwave and grab a fruit cup. Then around 3 or 4ish, I start getting super hungry. I try not to just eat crap so I got a can of mix nuts and a jar of peanuts. A couple handfuls help give me a little kick of energy. Dinner varies on where we eat home, in-laws, parents, or restaurants. I try to limit what I eat and try to eat as well as I can. Sometimes my appetite has a different idea - it wants food and a lot of it . Like sometimes we can eat at Subway and I will only eat a 6 inch sandwich (which I will load with veggies) but other times I can eat a whole foot long and be perfectly satisfied - crazy, right?!

Ever since I have gotten pregnant, gave birth, and am breastfeeding my appetite as not been the same and I am beginning to think, it might never be the same again. Am I worried about it, no. As long as I have the will power to stay strong to eating healthy and limiting myself to the amount of food I intake. I am really trying hard to stick to my exercise routine and do extra things to stay active everyday. If I do all of this plus some, I should be good to go!

Bring it, appetite!

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  1. Dude I'm not even breastfeeding and my appetite is still crazy out of control. WTF.

  2. Bodies have a mind of their own for sure!!! Keep up the balance and you have no worries!


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