Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Finally Time (update)

Since Claire has had a milk protein allergy since she was 2 months old, I had to cut out all dairy from my diet(since I am still breastfeeding). For the last couple of months, I have been adding a little bit of  dairy back into what I eat. It's been wonderful. A few times I didn't even think about what I was eating. Once was at a wedding and if I was worried about not eating dairy, I would have starved for the evening - so I ate what was available. The second time was at a recently St. Patty's day party - I had a corn beef and cabbage pocket, which contained cheese and I ate my weight in sugar cookies. Both times Claire has been fine! No blood in her stool, no diarrhea, no rashes, no vomiting, no green or black poop, no refusing to breast feed - nothing, absolutely, positively no change!


Tonight I will go somewhere, where I haven't been in over 6 months. I will be stepping foot into one of my favorite ice cream shops. I will be heading to Cold Stone Creamery tonight after a delicious, scrumptious dinner of Mexican food from one of our favorite local restaurants! I am so nervous excited and I am just praying and hoping that Claire will be okay and this little "adventure" of mine will do her no harm! Wish me luck! I will update about my experience when I return! 

*Claire's doctor gave me the okay to start reintroducing dairy back into my diet when she turned 8 months old. She wanted me to do an every 3 day trail - eat ice cream, wait 3 days, and then do it again. So far she's been handling it very well!

* Update* The ice cream I had was just heavenly, unbelievably good, scrumptious, and delicious! I got Cold Stone's Strawberry Blonde - Strawberry ice cream, strawberries, carmel, whip cream, and graham crackers!  Claire took it wonderful (so far, fingers crossed). She pooped this morning and it was fine looking - nothing strange about it! We will keep watching her and then we will try more dairy again!! I'm so excited but staying cautious!  

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  1. OMG Cold Stone, how I miss thee! And Mexican, OMG again, miss me some Mexican. What a great thing that you can start some dairy again and ytour daughter is ok with it too. Hey when you have that Cold Stone think of an American in Cairo who deeply deeply loves Cold Stone, LOL. But I have to say we have some good ice cream here too, but no mixes and concoctions like Cold Stone offers. Happy iclw.


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