Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Catch Me If You Can"

"Catch me if you can" should be Claire's new motto! She has officially been crawling for almost two weeks now. Let me tell you, life has certainly changed. She is everywhere and into everything, everything! It's crazy how one day can change so much. She went from laying on her blanket, to rolling all over her blanket, to sitting up on her blanket, and now to, "who needs a blanket - I'm too busy moving to stay on my blanket!" Life is certainly busier but it's so much fun! I'm loving it!

She's into everything that can hurt her. She loves our glass and wood coffee table, the laptop cord, the tile kitchen floor. It's crazy. You put her down and instantly she moves in the direction of one of those things! Her new favorite room is the kitchen - at first she couldn't crawl very well in it because she would just start sliding everywhere due to tile flooring. Now, she's a pro and loves it in there! Baby cabinet proofing is a must! She looks at herself in the stove, she hangs on to the cabinet door handles, she loves touching the fridge. I think her goal is to make it all the way across the kitchen (but she rarely does because Eric and I stop her and bring her back to the living room - where the action will start all over again!)

She is now always crawling after our two dachshunds - Penny and Lucy. She LOVES them so much and surprisingly they love her too. You would think they would keep their distance after she has grabbed handfuls of hair out of our long hair dachshund, she pokes their eyes, and sticks her finger up their noses. No matter what, they always return for more bullying! Either they are in major need of attention or they actually like her picking on them!

It's hard to believe that my little baby is a crawler (talker, hand clapper, waver, etc...) The time has gone by so quickly but every day has been so fun and exciting. Everyday you wake up, something new is bound to happen! The only thing I am not looking forward too is all the bumps, bruises, and scrapes that are going to happen, when you enter this stage of your child's life! I guess I better stock up on band-aids!

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  1. it flies by!!! once they are mobile--- watch out! and when the walking starts!!! fun! btw, she is just beautiful!

  2. I remember when my son became a crawler, after that I haven't been able to catch up since, b/c time flies by too quickly to the next big milestone. Claire is adorable!!

    ICLW #33


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