Thursday, March 4, 2010

It Was Bound to Happen

Well, our Bug has her very first cold. Boo. I really thought we could escape the whole first year sickness but I guess not. It's really not that bad, she has a little stuffy and sometimes runny nose and a slight cough that comes and goes. She's in a great mood, she's playing and eating fine. She has been sleeping a little longer at night and during her naps but that's okay with me. Sleep is good for her and will help her get better faster. I have also been trying to breastfeed her every couple hours so she stays hydrated and will get my immunities in order to beat this little "bug".  We have a vaporizer set up in her room, so at night the air can stay moist. That helps with eliminating a stuffy nose. She is also sleeping propped up. I have also taken her into the bathroom with the shower running (for steam) twice today and almost instantly her nose starts to runny! So we are doing everything we can do keep her happy and comfy. Now let's just hope she can get over this cold quickly!

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  1. I hope that she gets better soon. By the way, I left you some blog awards on my blog!


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