Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Sure Everyone Does This

I don't know if Eric and I are the only ones who do this but we have all the names we love for our future kids written down on a piece of paper. I'm so OCD, that it's nice to think about and then decide on them in advance. Besides it super fun! I know some people might change their minds before and during pregnancy. Not me! I'm so into planning, that whats on the list are the names we can play with and decide upon. I had the name "Claire" picked out for over a year before getting pregnant!

These are the names we picked (and love):

Tess Camille (Camille is after my mom - Camie)
Ellie Christine (Christine is after Eric's mom)
Savannah Lou (Lou is after Eric's grandma)

Colton Arthur  (Arthur is after Eric's grandpa)
Landon or Lincoln Henry (Henry is after Eric's grandpa)
Nolan Andrew (Andrew is after my grandpa)

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  1. Hehe yeah, we've had our children named for years. We have one more girl's name picked out and two boys' names. I really like Lila Ruth. I'm glad ya'll figured out a way to use Ruth and make it sound cute! I also really like Aiden Jon.

  2. Totally do that :)

    Our girls names are Nora Lee and Elsa Ann -- we're in huge debates about next boy names though!

  3. Its completely normal!

    I remember having my list when my husband and I were still dating :>

  4. cute names :0)

    So far we have....

    Oliver Adam for this little guy

    Lola Marie for a girl & Brett Samuel for our next boy


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