Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heading Back (eventually)

I've always been a great student. I always finished all of my assignments, turned in my homework on time, got A's (or at least B's) on tests, got good grades on my report cards and now I am thinking about returning to all of it. Returning to reports, quizzes, exams and homework. I have always loved school - the social and learning part of it. I enjoyed high school so much and college; I loved college.

I have my B.A. in Clinical Counseling Psychology from Saint Xavier University Chicago. I originally wanted to be a teacher but something was pulling me in another direction of helping others. I took my first pysh. 100 class and was hooked. I loved it.

I eventually want to return to school but first I want to finish having kids. I plan on returning to the classroom to get my Masters degree when my last baby is at least one. I've researched a few good local schools and programs. I am torn between a few. A local university has a great professional counseling program. I have always want to work in the hospital systems and this program would give me a chance to do either that or work in a private practice, which also interests me. The bright side of this school and program is that it meets only once a week and will take only 3 years to complete. Once a week - usually on Thursday nights from 6 - 10pm. Come on, what mom wouldn't love this. I get to see my kiddos during the day and I know my hubby will be taking care of them at night. Plus, I'm sure at that point, I will welcome the 4(to 5) hour break! The other school I'm looking into is local also and a bit cheaper. The program I like there, would be their social work program. With this program I would be able to work in the hospital system too. The down fall is it meets, basically whenever. The class can be any day or time. For a mom with kids - it's really a turn off. I am still weighing my options and looking into other programs. For now it's a dream but eventually it will be reality and I can't wait!

Today, I love being a mommy and a wife but I can't wait to return to the class room and get my Masters degree. I know it's what my heart desires. I feel a little piece of me is not quite complete without going back to school. It's the same way I feel about having more babies. I know my life is not complete with just one!

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  1. Congrats on wanting to go back to school!! I think you will do great!!


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